What is the best weight loss pill and which one is healthiest

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Orovo Detox is the best detox and weight loss pill. It is healthy when used as directed. Orovo Detox is best in effectiveness. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-weight-loss-pill-and-which-one-is-healthiest ]
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What is the best weight loss pill and which one is healthiest?
Orovo Detox is the best detox and weight loss pill. It is healthy when used as directed. Orovo Detox is best in effectiveness.
What is the best healthy weight loss program without pills??
Diet pills can have dangerous effects on your metabolism and deadly consequences to your heart and nervous system. Unlike programs that rely on pills, our weight loss program features an innovative healthy diet plan that can help you achiev…

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I know that diet pills aren’t the healthiest, but what’s the best one you can take?
Q: I’ve never liked when people take diet pills to lose weight because I believe in doing it naturally and in a healthy way. But, I am going to start going to the gym and want to whip my body into shape fairly fast to get it to what it somewhat used to look before I had my son. So, my questionS are:–Have you tried diet pills, if so, which one(s) worked/didn’t work best for you?–Are there any health risks involved? –Is there such thing as a healthy weight loss pill?
A: I’ve never felt the need to take diet pills because I lose weight the right way. Of course there are health risks involved, they increase your heart rate and if you notice every couple of years, a different diet pill will become illegal (in the US). I would suggest taking green tea pills, I mean just regular green tea in the vitamin section, not green tea weight loss pills. They burn off a few calories but nothing too drastic. You could also talk to your doctor about a prescription appetite suppressant if you are very overweight, but they will eventually stop working.
What is the best weight loss pill/drink?
Q: I’m trying to find a weight loss solution in the form of a pill/drink that doesn’t make u lose any muscle, but makes you lose fat when taken along with working out. Which ones are the healthiest and works quickest?
A: DIET PILLS:Diet pills are prescribed only for obese patients and should be taken only under the proper guidance of a medical practitioner or a Doctor. The diet pills may sometimes cause unhealthy and potentially dangerous side effects. It can never be an alternative to cut the calories and boost the exercise. These pills are prescribed by a medical practitioner only for severely obese patients due to their obsession to lose their enormous weight. Free products, E-books, Facts and Suggestions, Articles, Free Resources…http://www.weightlosseasily.com/
What is the best weight loss pill available?
Q: I know the proper way is lots of cardio and small diet foods….I dont plan on going on pills…although I am curious to know which ones are more effective….and also healthier. I also know I can google this but by doing so all I get is a bunch of biased websites just trying to sell there product….but if I ask u the people….Ill get an honest answer…hopefully:D
A: i atleast gained 25 from the birth control i started(im off it now)now im on a strict diet to lose it.-no eating after 7pm-1200 calories a day-five meals a day (breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner)- five servings of raw fruit or veggies( that means every meal)-chew food slower, it fills your stomach up faster-8 glasses of water a day, not including when you workout-45minutes- 1hour atleast of working out (even if its walking)-no sugary sweets or fastfoods-cold glass of water when you first wakeup, it actully burns calories-lots of fiber (apples, strawberries)-you MUST eat breakfast, even if it means being late for school if you want to loose this weight-workout atleast 5 days a week-reduce sodium and starches-don’t eat dinner after 6 (you can eat till 7 maybe an apple or pear)-less dairy-less redmeat and more lean meatthat is my exact rules i go by, i typed them out and posted them on my fridge .
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