What is the calorie content of rice

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There are 242 calories in a cup of white rice. There are 216 calories in a cup of brown rice. Anything else you’d like to ask ChaCha? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-calorie-content-of-rice ]
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How much rice is consumed around the globe and how much calories …?
Rice provides 20% of the world’s dietary energy supply, more than any other crop. It provides about 700 calories/person/day to 3 billion people.
Does brown or white rice contain more calories?
I Checked it out and it turns out: An 1/4 cup serving of Jasmine Brown Rice contains 190 calories compared to An 1/4 cup serving of Calrose Rice containing 155 calories. That might seem a just a small amount, but remember that its just one …
How many calories does a cup of rice contain?
A cup of rice is only 250 calories or a little bit more than that. Rice doesn’t make you fat. Anyway, its nutrition is the same as 2 slices of bread, or a cup of noodles in other countries.Its just carbohydrates. What makes a person fat is …

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Does anyone know the fat and calorie content of a roll of sushi and yakimeshi rice?
Q: I know that it’s less than a normal eating out meal or even chinese food- especially the rice since the rice is boiled and not fried. But I wanted to know the exact nutritional value.
A: Approximation – Glutinous cooked rice:serving size: 1 cup (174 g)Cal: 169Total Carbs: 37gDietary fibre: 2gSushi will vary depending on the type of the roll and the helping size. There is a very good web site called http://www.nutritiondata.com, check it out.You can even make up your own recipe and get the nutrition value.
wat is d calorie content of 3chapatis widout oil/butter and 2servinlgs of rice individually?which givs les cal
Q: is it better to eat 3 chapatis for meal for widout butter/oil or 2 servings of rice?
A: I’m sorry. I don’t understand your english. Please check your spelling and ask again.
What is the calorie content of a typical south indian lunch which usually contains rice, sambar, rasam & veg?
A: more than 500 calories…but really depends on the quantity.
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