What is the least healthiest food

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Puffer fish, if prepared incorrectly, contains a neurotoxin that will cause death quickly. Thats pretty unhealthy. But failing outright poisons, foods that are high in fat and sugar with little nutritional content are unhealthiest. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-least-healthiest-food ]
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What Are the Least Healthy Fast-Foods?
There are plenty of unhealthy fast-food choices. In fact, some fast food items and combo meals have an entire day’s worth of calories and fat. The worst fast food choices are: –Large burgers and roast-beef sandwiches, especially those with…
Which fast food do you think is the most and least healthiest??
i think subway and chic fi la is the healthiest. mcdonalds and burger king and kfc is probably the unhealthiest.
What kind of food is the healthiest and which is the least??
Mediterranean cooking styles are the healthiest, indian food is the least healthy one because it has too much salt, spice and saturated fat in it. It is absolutely worst for the skin health as well as heart.

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What is the least and most healthiest food in the world?
Q: Specifically. I know what food GROUPS are, just not the exact food.Ex: Healthiest: Carrots.Ex: Least healthiest: Deep fried … blah blah.:)Real food?
A: meh, i think you have to elaborate. for example, the healthiest protein: i’m going with quorn the least healthiest: i’ll say pork (bacon, sausage, ham, etc.) or processed deli meatthe healthiest bread: sprouted, whole grain bread (and it’s delicious!!!)the least healthiest: croissants, over-sized bagels, refined white bread? who knows which is worst?the healthiest vegetable: i think spinach or sweet potatoesthe least healthiest: iceberg lettuce or maybe regular potatoes? (it’s not bad for you, but it’s not that nutritious, either)the healthiest fruit: i’d say watermelon or grapefruit (both have lots of health benefits, but still low in calories)the least healthiest: mango or bananas?it’s difficult to find vegetables and fruits that are ‘bad’ because even the least nutritious are still super good for you – bananas might be really high in sugar, but they also contain lots of vitamins and nutrients. i saw an article that rated Outback’s cheese fries appetizer as the worst food – it is french fries covered in cheese and bacon – it’s 2900 calories per plate. even if you split it with a couple of friends, by the time you have dinner you may have consumed more than a days worth of calories and fat in one sitting!
What is the “healthiest” and least healthiest fast food restaurant?
Q: I know none of them are too healthy but what do you say? Is Wendy’s any healthier then say McDonalds?
A: I would say that Subway is the healthiest.
Which fast food restaurant is the least healthiest?
Q: Mc Donald’s, Buger King, or Wendy’s?Which and why?Which is more healthy? (even though all are bad)
A: McDonald’s..
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