What is the main purpose of protein

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Protein is necessary for the building and repair of body tissues. It produces enzymes, hormones, and other substances the body uses. It regulates body processes, such as water balancing, transporting nutrients, and making muscles contract. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-main-purpose-of-protein ]
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What is the main purpose for protein
Protein is necessary for the building and repair of body tissues. It produces enzymes, hormones, and other substances the body uses. It regulates body processes, such as water balancing, transporting nutrients, and making muscles contract. …
Which of the following is a main purpose of protein in living thi…?
Proteins are the workhorses of biological macromolecules. Some form enzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions, which are necessary for metabolism. Others give cells structure and support, such as proteins in the cytoskeleton. They also pl…
What is the purpose for protein?
Dotein is any of a group of complex organic macromolecules that contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, and usually sulfur and are composed of one or more chains of amino acids. Proteins are fundamental components of all living cells …

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What are the effects of Whey Protein and how much a day?
Q: What exactly are the effects of Whey Protein? Short term, Long term, or even just daily feelings. I plan just to slim down and gain a little muscle mass. I’m a chubby kid and I want to lose some fat and gain some muscle, but not over do it. 168lbs, 5’8-9, 14 Years old. How much should I take a day? I do take P.E. and hopefully will pick up Water Polo and Cross Country. So I would bring some in a water bottle for after practices or after P.E. I also do I nightly Routine of 25-30 Push-ups (depending on the day,) Some core exercises, Lunges and some Calve Raises. I ATTEMPT to do some Pull Ups or Chin Ups every day, I’m getting closer and closer. So How many grams of whey do I need a day just to slim down and tone up? If I have Water Polo/Cross Country Practice, I’ll drink some after that, If not, After P.E. And some after my Nightly Routine. THank you! Not sure if it matters.. But 35 repitions for the core(Forgot the exercise name but I bring my Knees to my chest without letting my feet or my back touch the ground when I bring it down.) 100 Calve(SP?) Raises, 20 Lunges for each foot. 0-0.5 of a Pull-Up.I know that the main purpose of Whey Protein is to build some muscles, but I thought, Why not multitask? Because Weight Lifting burns calories and the more muscle I have helps me burn more calories. And I know that I should do atleast 2 cardio a week during weight lifting.
A: Good job on deciding to lose that fat. The long-term effects of Whey protein will be larger potential muscles, provided you weightlift and eat properly. The short-term effects are a speeded up metabolism from the Whey (Whey has shown to help speed up metabolism) and a quicker repairing of your muscles from working out.The main purpose of Whey is not build muscle. When you weightlift your muscle tissues break down into smaller pieces from being worked out. Whey protein gives it the essential nutrients to rebuild stronger. Also, if you want to gain muscle you need to have more calories than you can burn, so you can’t do cardio and weightlifting together unless you just want lean muscle mass (the muscle you have will show nicely due to reduced body fat). I would advise you do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) while eating a deficit of calories if you want to lose fat and have lean muscle mass. HIIT burns fat 9 times more effectively than any other cardio, and it doesn’t burn muscle like other cardio. Look it up online and find out all about it.If you want to gain muscle mass then you need to do a cutting stage and a bulking stage. Meaning, for a period of time, when bulking, you eat more calories than you can burn, to supply your muscles with essential nutrients to build muscle. During a cutting phase, then, you eat less calories than you can burn and get rid of any excess fat, while working out normally, with more repetitions.You want to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight, so since you weigh 168 pounds you need to get 168 grams of protein from the foods you eat and Whey supplement. EDIT: I made some mistakes in my answer, but I edited them out and corrected them, so please re-read the information.Best of luck!
Does anyone know anything about proteins?
Q: what is the main purpose of a protein?What are some things they do?What are they good at doing?
A: Proteins are basically a chain or amino acids that are joined together. Proteins do many things, they can be enzymes, hormones, structural proteins, and transport proteins/ carrier proteins. They have many roles inside the human body.Enzymes help speed up chemical reactions inside the body and are involved with almost every reaction in the body that breaks down and builds up substrates. Hormones are chemcial messengers that send signals throughout the body, and cause responses to occur. Structural proteins give structure and shape to cells, and transport / carrier proteins provide a passage for substances that are entering and leaving the cell, as well as pushing substances into and out of the cell (active transport).Hope this helps!!
please help thanks!!?
Q: 5. Plants and algae are remarkable in that they can make all the organic compounds theyneed from the end product of the Calvin cycle, which isA. carbon dioxide. C. G3P molecules.B. NADH+. D. RuBP carboxylase.6. Which one of the following events occurs during Calvin cycle reactions?A. Chlorophyll energizes electrons.B. Carbohydrates are produced.C. ATP is produced.D. An enzyme helper becomes NADPH.7. The monomers of nucleic acids, such as DNA and RNA, are known asA. nucleotides. C. nuclei.B. proteins. D. polypeptides.8. What happens during glycolysis?A. Hydrogen ions combine to form water.B. Oxidation takes place in the matrix of mitochondria.C. The oxidation of pyruvate forms NADH and CO2.D. Glucose breaks down into two molecules of pyruvate.9. The process by which a biologist uses creative thought to find a pattern among isolatedfacts is calledA. inductive reasoning. C. simple reasoning.B. proving a theory. D. proving a hypothesis.10. In a eukaryotic cell, a network of protein filaments called _______ help maintain theshape of the cell.A. organelles C. ribosomesB. the cytoskeleton D. the nucleolus11. Glycerol is a subunit molecule of aA. carbohydrate. C. protein.B. lipid. D. nucleic acid.12. In the electron transport chain, the main purpose of the _______ we breathe is tokeep electrons moving along from the first to the last chemical carrier.A. carbon dioxide C. atomsB. nitrogen D. oxygen13. The tiny particles that comprise an element are calledA. ions. C. atoms.B. protons. D. nuclei.14. In cells, a form of active transport isA. osmosis. C. simple diffusion.B. a sodium-potassium pump. D. facilitated diffusion.15. In the leaves of flowering plants, where does the process of photosynthesis occur?A. In chloroplasts C. In glucoseB. In stomata D. Between chlorophylls16. According to the octet rule, an atom with two electron shells is most stable when itcontains eightA. protons. C. electrons.B. isotopes. D. neutrons.17. The least usable form of energy isA. a calorie. C. food.B. ATP. D. heat.18. The energy used by living organisms on Earth comes fromA. the sun. C. the oceans.B. fossil fuels. D. volcanoes.19. A carbon molecule that has a different arrangement of atoms is known as a/anA. monomer. C. isomer.B. peptide. D. nucleotide.20. Single-celled organisms that do not have a membrane-bound nucleus are calledA. prokaryotes. C. Golgi bodies.B. organelles. D. eukaryotes.
A: a. this is the languages section, not the science oneb. this looks like homework: you must have had lessons and a book to study, so you really should look it up yourself… if you want to learn anythingc. this is 16 questions in one.. doubt anyone will feel like doing all your work for you.
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