What is the most fating foods

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1. Macaroni and cheese. 2. Cream-based soups, bisques and chowders. 3. Cream- and cheese-based casseroles 4. Cheesecake [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-most-fating-foods ]
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How can we model the fate of food in the digestive tract??
The research programme will involve a wide range of scientific fields to analyse the operation of the digestive tract as a series of unit operations and/or reactors, controlled and regulated, to construct the model. This modelling effort wi…
What is the most fating food in the world?
The Big Texan, in Amarillo Texas is one of the most famous steak houses on the planet. It’s 72 ounce steak has 5,760 Calories and 480 Grams of fat. ChaCha!
What’s more fating a combo at a fast food restaurant or a simple …?
A banana split from Dairy Queen is 520 calories. A 1/4 lb. classic grill burger with cheese is 560 (Dairy Queen) Regular fries are 310 (Dairy Queen) Medium cola 220 (Dairy Queen) Banana Split is 520 Burger, fries, drink is 1090

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top 6 most fating foods??
Q: what are the top 6 most fating foods u can think of ????
A: 1.french fries2.Pasta3. ice cream4. mexican food5. chips6. sweets
What’s the most fating food in the world?
Q: What do you think?
A: Deep fried mayonnaise balls
gaining weight diet plan:nane fating foods?
Q: ok so im doing good gaining my weight back so far i lost alot i was a size 3/4 in pants and now im a 0 help ,i was 100 pound now im 108im 16,amd im 5’2 i want o get up to 120 name foods that have fating in it or thats gressy i know im still wacthing my hleath foods like cookiespiessteakbread,give me foods food that you know of thanks
A: Try the ezikiel 4:19 bread…flourless, all fresh grain sprouts, very hardy lots of protein. Big plates of sphagetti and meatballs, big sandwiches of roast beef and trukey and cheese and mayo and lettuce and tomato. as many eggs as you can eat for bfast…if you can get 3 down that would be good. BTW 5’2″ 108 sounds perfect to me…I used to know a girl that was around 5:1 or 5’2″ and she weighed 108 and looked awesome….120 is going to be a little extra lbs if you don’t mind me saying…i think 110 should be your target. I’d shy away from sugar (cookies, etc) nothing good comes of that…ice craem if anything…at least u get the dairy protein with it if it whole ice cream. Oh and don’t forget whole milk…lots of it too.
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