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What is the recipe for the weight loss group

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There are several weight loss groups out there like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. Can you be more specific? A great low fat turkey recipe at: ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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What is the recipe for the weight loss group
There are several weight loss groups out there like Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers. Can you be more specific? A great low fat turkey recipe at: ChaCha!

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What feature/things would you like to see offered in an online weight loss support group?
Q: What would motivate you? What would you want to see posted? What could the moderator provide to give you the best feedback? Do you want to see graphs? Charts? Nutritional information? Recipes? Motivational posts? New ideas? Would you want to be able to ask personal questions? Would you like one-on-one consultations? What if we offered this for free .. just to help those struggling with weight loss? How would you search for this? Would you like to see more than one approach to weight loss? Would you want to see exercises? Would you be interested in various supplements (vitamins, etc) that may help nutritionally? Please share your ideas. Finally, would you be interested in hearing of such a group if we finalize the plans to do so? Started my weight loss at 330 and am currently at 208 … have 35-42 lbs to go … and would like to help others attain success. Thank you for your time and feedback.
A: Sounds like a good idea. Some good things would be advice on exercising and foods to eat. Links to websites that can help people track calories in foods and calories lost for various exercises. Supplements would be vastly useful, as well as stories of success or good ideas for getting movitated.
My friend is putting me on this diet that works for her and I want tips for foods I can eat in the start.?
Q: She said its basically like the LA weight loss diet. Do you know any groups or blogs that talk about it? DO you have any tips or experience? I need to know some recipes involving chicken for the first 7 weeks, bear in mind I am very picky. What about snacking on things? What can you use? And dill spears count as a veg? Thank you!
A: just because it worked for her doesnt mean it will work for you. see a dr and have them help you plan a diet that will fit your lifestyle and food choices so you will be able to stick with it without sabotaging it because you cant follow it.
What would you suggest to help me loose weight?
Q: Sorry if this is alot of detail, im just after advice relevant to my situation.My situation is:I have a partner, and we have a 4yr old son. We’ve just moved to the area. I weigh *gasp* 100kg, or 220lb i think it is. Im 21, and 157cm short lol i’ve always been short, and always been curvy, but not fat. I have 2 medical conditions, Benign Intracranial Hypertension and Poly Cystic Ovaries Syndrome. With the first one, i can’t do hard or long exercise, or eat food with too many preservatives etc With polycystic ovaries, as is well known, it’s harder to loose weight.We live on the edge of town, too far to walk ‘down the street’ or to the shops etc There is no gym in town, or any weight loss centres. We have push bikes on layby for christmas. There are no walking groups around the area, and im not confident starting my own.I’m getting married october next year. Its a casual wedding so i have the leniency of not having to book my dress 6 months in advance. I dont know what size i’d like to be when i get married, nor do i have an overall goal weight. I weighed 70kg when i fell pregnant with my son, and its not like i’ve gotten taller lolUnfortunately, we dont have much money, so i cant buy fancy food lol or cook elaborate recipes.I dont smoke, or drink. we dont really eat take away cuz we can’t afford it lol I dont have a big appetite.I dont like diets. I can’t afford supplements.Rather than a diet, I’d prefer a healthy eating and exercise plan that can also apply to my family.I have an appointment with a dietician/nutritionist in a month.I know my BMI. I know I’m overweight, obese even.Im just after suggestions and advice.
A: Worry not! What you definitely don’t need to do is to go on a diet. If you do, you will will lose weight, but there is over a 90% chance that you’ll put the weight back on again.To achieve permanent weight loss you need to ‘change’…first to understand your current behaviors and then learn new behaviors. You do this by learning new habits…it’s really not difficult to do.I recommend you have a look at the Slim Habit ( This is a weight loss system that will help you to learn 10 new slim habits. The program also includes a Personal Exercise Plan and lots of support. It’s not expensive, there are no supplements or ‘extras’.I hope this was helpful…good luck!
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