What is the special k diet

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Special K diet – up to six pounds in two weeks by eating Special K with skim milk and fruit for two meals each day. Snack on fruit or vegetables. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-special-k-diet ]
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idk about the part where you can eat any kind of cereal, haven’t tried that yet. but basically, you eat their cereal for breakfast, again for lunch, and for your third meal, you eat like you normally do. you can eat their waffles for breakf…
This new diet is also known as the Special K Challenge. The basic idea behind this diet includes eating cereal as a main part of your daily diet to lose weight. The Special K website offers a basic diet plan based on their cereal: ・ For bre…
People are more concerned with weight loss than ever before, and there are numerous diet plans available. Cereal has taken a beating lately because many diet plans advise against eating certain types of cereal. And more health conscious peo…

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Is the special k diet good for your kidneys?
Q: Over the past year i have had issues with my kidneys, i have one that only works 20% and have been suffering from re-occuring infections. I have not had any infections for the past 3 months but since starting the special k two week challenge a week ago im having all of the symptoms! Could this be the reason? Should i stop this diet ?
A: The ONLY diet that’s good for your kidneys is one that contains mostly raw, natural foods like fruits, nuts, whole grains, and vegetables. Man made foods don’t even come close to providing the nutrition we need. How do I know this? I’m diabetic and found the solution in my grocer’s produce section. I haven’t taken any medication at all in over two months. My doctor can’t believe my numbers. Cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose…. all normal. Who would have thought?
Would combining a fat burner with the special K diet work better along with exercise?
Q: I know that any form of fat burner should be combined with diet and exercise. I’m not lazy. But if I were to do the Special K diet along with a fat burner would that work seeing as how the Special K is a diet? Or should I do something more alonmg the lines of the grapefruit diet? I have a Bowflex so the exercise is covered??
A: yes it do make everything better.
How can I lose 25lbs in 2 weeks while on the Special K diet?
Q: Okay school starts back in 2 weeks and i really want to get fit but its really hard. I’ve decided to start the special k diet but what other things should i do to lose this weight in this amount of time? I really need exercise advice.
A: Sorry, but 25 pounds is not only nearly impossible but it would be dangerous to your health. If you ate nothing – complete starvation, you would still have a hard time losing that much. You should aim for 2 to 3 pounds a week – that will keep you healthy plus you’ll be more likely to keep the weight off.I know you want to start the schoool year on a high note, but a crash diet isn’t the way to do it. If you start a sensible diet now, you’ll lose 5-6 pounds by the time school starts, and you’ll take off 25 pounds by Halloween. Make that your goal.
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