What is usually in shrimp fried rice

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Shrimp fried rice usually consists of rice, shrimp, onions, peas, carrots, oil, and seasonings, but you can throw in any veggies you like. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-usually-in-shrimp-fried-rice ]
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・ step1 place a wok or large frying pan over medium-high heat. when the pan is hot, add 2 tbsp. oil plus… ・ step2 add the raw shrimp. (if using cooked shrimp, add later – together with the rice). stir-fry another… ・ step3 push shr…
How to Cook Shrimp Fried Rice
・ 1 Begin by following the directions on the rice box of how to cook rice ・ 2 Chop onion and set aside ・ 3 Put small amount of oil in a medium sized saute pan and begin sauteing the onion and corn, set aside ・ 4 In the same saute pan, pl…
What type of sentence is this A favorite food of mine would be sh…?
It is a sentence that states a fact, therefore it is a declaratory sentence.

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what’s the best recipe for shrimp fried rice?
Q: i usually season it with only salt, pepper, and soy sauce but it doesn’t taste like the one in chinese restaurants.how do they season it? i wanna know the professional way to cook fried rice. thanks
A: 8ozs cooked rice1 red pepper diced1 green pepper diced1 onion dicedwhite peppersaltsugar garlicsoy sauce a good one like kikomens dark soyoilomelette dicedshrimpheat oil till hot fry shrimp and remove from oil add onions pepper garlic sugar and fry till cooked add rice fry until rice is hot add omelette shrimp white pepper and a little soy mix well remove from heat add salt if needed but do not add to much soythe secert is the sugar and white pepper you can also add peas.ham. or what ever else you like
Where can I find the best Nasi Goreng in London?
Q: I love Nasi Goreng, in Dublin would have it at Cafe Mao, have tried it at a few restaurants here, but none good enough to go again.Nasi Goreng is an Indonesian Dish made with fried rice, shrimps, and usually an egg on top.Do Help, and Good luck.ps. Dont just google it, ive tried that already.
A: Here are a few Indonesian restaurants in Londonhttp://trustedplaces.com/search/places?tags=indonesian&where=Friends say that Nancy Lam’s Enak Enak in Battersea is good.Good luck on your quest!
Chinese pepper steak,Orange chicken or Sweet & Sour chicken?
Q: Which tastes the best when ordering chinese food?I usually stick with pepper steak and shrimp fried rice and have only tasted orange chicken from panda express.Which was Yummy!However-I have never tasted sweet & sour chicken and I wanted to get some reviews on it.Thanks!!!
A: mmmm yummy especially if the chicken is battered.
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