What is watermelon good for

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It is a source of vitamin C. Plus it is delicious. Thanks for asking ChaCha. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-watermelon-good-for ]
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How to Pick a Good Watermelon
Picking the perfect watermelon is no easy task for the untrained eye. When you know the right things to look for and after you have a little practice, picking a good water melon will be easier… Tags: pick hollow rot watermelons
How Long Is Watermelon Good For?
Should last about 2-3 weeks unopened at room temperature. After cutting, refrigerate covered.
Is watermelon good for dogs?
My dog goes crazy for watermelon. She ate about a cup of it last night…it’s funny because she loves carrots and celery too.

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Is fried chicken, kool aid, and watermelon, a good meal?
Q: I just wanted to hear your take on my FAVORITE meal
A: Sounds like the menu at the Jesse Jackson/ Al Sharpton annual picnic.
How is watermelon good for one’s health?
Q: Lately, I’ve been eating more watermelon as a snack, and I was wondering, how is watermelon healthy for a person? What are the benefits from eating watermelon? Some fruits have higher nutrients (zinc, etc.), but what does watermelon contain? How can it benefit one’s health? How is watermelon good for one’s health?
A: Well for a start watermelon has a lot in common with the drug viagra. I heard that on the radio recently. Ok other than the obvious benefits viagra allows you to dilate your blood vessels(allowing more oxygen) with nitric oxide. Watermelon produces the amino arginine, which is required to make nitric oxide.There are no conclusive tests yet that arganine will affect you in the *humph* way, but its definitely a precursor.Also watermelon is low in calories and it has potassium(which lowers stress levels) and the phytonutrients lycopene(prevent heart and kidney disease, the decay of the brain and nervous system as a result of aging, fighting cancerous cells to prevent DNA damage and cellular damage from aging) and beta-carotene(which turns into retinol, helps prevent night blindness, eye problems and skin disorders. Oh also an antioxidant as well so helps fight the aging process). Thats about all I can cover.
How can you pick a good watermelon?
Q: I sometimes have a hard time picking a watermelon that’s sweet or hasn’t gone bad. How can you pick a good watermelon?
A: coming from Indiana,there are things to look for besides ‘thumping’, look at the watermelon, it should be faded on top, and look between the stripes they should be light green, on the belly side of the watermelon ‘the belly spot’ where it laid on the ground should be white or yellow with no stripes, also check your watermelon for blunt ends they should well rounded and blunt….not pointed…now if you still want to do the ‘thumping method’ thump the watermelon and unripe melon will make a ‘ping’ noise while the over ripe one will make a ‘thud’ pick one in between
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