What juices are as good for you as cranberry juice

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Blueberries juice is one of the best fruit juices which is perfect in any therapy, even in small doses.Other good choices are grape and pomegranate juices. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-juices-are-as-good-for-you-as-cranberry-juice ]
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Is cranberry Juice good for you?
Yes, cranberry juice is good for you. It is an effective fighter against urinary uract infections and heart disease. However, to reap the health benefits, the juice should be 100% juice with no preservatives, artificial flavors, or artifici…
Is cranberry juice good for the kidneys?
Cranberry juice may help prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs). The juice makes it hard for germs (bacteria) to grow in your bladder.
How long dose cranberry juice stay good ?
These juices all contain preservatives and artificial substances no matter what they say on the label. So, it should stay good for probably more than a month or two. Leaving it outside should still make it safe. And in addition, you can’t u…

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Are Cranberries just as good for a UTI as cranberry juice?
Q: I am trying to naturally get rid of a UTI. I really do not like the taste of cranberry juice, so I’m drinking a lot of water, and also eating a lot of dried cranberries. Is that just as good as drinking cranberry juice? If nothing works I will see a doctor, trust me! 🙂
A: It should. An easier way might be to buy some D-Mannose, as supplement made of the part of cranberries responsible for easing UTI’s. Basically they all work the same way, by making the surface of the bladder and urinary tract too slippery for bacteria to stick. D-Mannose might be in a pill or loose powder form, easy to take in water, juice, smoothies, etc. A product I like that helps with infections is called i-26, which is just egg powder from chickens that produce antibodies to a lot of the worst bugs out there. I’ve seen it clear up some odd, long-standing infectious processes. Good luck!
Is white cranberry juice (100 % juice) just as effective as regular cranberry juices for it’s diuretic benefit?
Q: I’d like to drink some cranberry juice and prefer white cranberry juice to the red stuff. I am pregnant and I am retaining water like crazy. No HBP (yet), I am just feeling uncomfortable. Thanks!
A: Cranberry does not have major diuretic properties. The main reason to take cranberry is for its d-mannose content, the latter prevents bacterial from sticking to the bladder wall….hence why it is of benefit for UTI prevention. I could not find any research to suggest that red cranberry would be more diuretic than white. But I suspect that red cranberry may have a higher d-mannose content. The problem with a lot of commercial cranberry juices is that they are laden with sugar that might counteract any of its diuretic effect. Cranberry capsules are better for health for the bladder but I would only take these under a health care providers approval in pregnancy. Eat lots of cucumber, watermelon, cantaloupe melon, bananas, dried apricots, raw onions, radishes, lettuce and parsley as these are all diuretic. Stay away from salty foods. Eat healthily for you and your baby. Further reading on natural diuretics and pregnancy:http://www.ehow.com/about_4744847_natural-diuretics-pregnancy.html
Are juices like cranberry juice and orange juice a good source of carbohydrates??
Q: I have a lot of cranberry juice as well as normal apples that are about average size, green, and was wondering if they were good sources of carbs, and if so…would the number of carbs on the label be accurate to the juices?If not, what would be more accurate?
A: try a brand with as much juice as possible percentage wise. And the least amount of added sugar. it should say on the label.
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