What kind of food will give me energy

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Foods that can give you energy would be a mix of carbs and protein, such as a plate a whole wheat pasta with meatballs and sauce. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-food-will-give-me-energy ]
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What kind of food will give me the same energy?
Why Become Vegetarian? There are as many reasons for becoming vegetarian as there are vegetarians; it’s a highly personal and individual decision to make. But in a survey conducted on behalf of The Vegetarian Society the majority of peop…
What kind of food/menus will give energy/fit for 12 hours shift w…?
Put carrots in your pocket to snack on between meals. Just have clean hands when you go to grab them. At mealtime- have your “usual” fare. GOOD LUCK.

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What kind of food will give you energy through out the day & not just give you enrgy for a short time & then?
Q: make you more tired then before ?
A: Some times Fruit will help but candy & energy drinks will only slow you down after a while.
What kind of food would give a standardbred racehorse energy in a race?
Q: what kind of food would you give a standardbred racehorse to give it energyespecially when it had to race
A: Carrots and apples, especially apples Cod liver oil, rich in vitamins, mix it with food Molasses, mix it with dry food or medicines Corn oil, a rich source of energy Salt lick, one designed for horses, not cattle Beet pulp, rich in energy and protein, soak before feeding
what kind of food give you energy but not gaining weight?
Q: is like.. i’m trying to slim down.. so i wanna take food that give me energy but does not let me gain weight if i have too much of it.. it would help me a lot of someone can answer this asap.
A: Well, that’s a very broad question, and ALL foods can make you fat OR thin depending on how much you eat — that is the only thing that matters: how many calories you are taking in. The other part of that equation is that calories are what GIVE you energy. So you are looking for a food that simply doesn’t exist. You want energy (calories) but don’t want to gain weight (calories). That’s basically the holy grail of foods, and if it existed, we’d all be thin and in great shape!What you must do is combine exercise with a healthy diet, so that you are burning AS MANY calories as you are TAKING IN. If your goal is to lose weight, you must burn MORE cals than you are TAKING IN. Simple as that. Really.One pound of fat = exactly 3500 calories. If at the end of the week, you take in 3500 calories less (or burn 3500 calories more) than you usually would, your weight will go down.So on a more practical note, stay away from foods with high fat content. Here’s the science:1g of fat = 9 calories1g of carb = 4 calories1g of protein = 4 caloriesSo if you eat something that is mostly fat (say 10g fat), you are going to take in a ton more calories and feel as full as if you ate something that is 10g carbs or 10g protein (most of course are a mixture of the three).Eat veggies. Veggies are ALWAYS good to eat. Fruit as well if you want something sweet. Lean meats: turkey, chicken, certain types of corned beef. Stay away from pork and ground beef. Stay on top of your carbs. Get soda, alcohol, etc. OUT of your diet entirely. Drink coffee, tea, and plenty of water.But most importantly: EXERCISE!!!! This is the BEST way to boost your energy and eat more of what you want without gaining weight.
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