What kind of sores

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Weight loss, blurred vision and sores that do not heal are more symptoms of diabetes. It is important to find out early if you have diabetes because treatment can prevent damage to the body. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kind-of-sores ]
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What kind of sore do I have?
It started last week with a pink bump that hurt a little at the base of my gum. A couple days later it turn white and now a week later the bump grew in size and caved in like a whole. Its turning black and is so painful I can barely eat. Wh…
What kind of herpes are kanker sores I love evan wesley burkett?
Canker sores are generally inside the mouth or the oral cavity and are not contagious and are not herpes. Fever blisters…More?
Is it herpes or just…some kind of stress sores?
Some people call them a form of herpes. But it is NOT the herpes disease that’s not curable. I always called them a cold sore. Put alittle carmex on it and you’ll be fine. Stress and being sick can also cause the blisters. You’ll be fine. N…

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bumps on back of tongue that are bleeding a little and sore? what could this be?
Q: i have some white and red bumps on back of tongue. I noticed that a couple were bleeding and when i spit it comes out red. Its kind of sore back there. What could this be? do i need someone to look at it. Ive been rinsing my mouth out with salt water every night. Could i have gotten some sort of disease from kissing or something? i’m just very worried and scared and just want to know if this sounds serious!
A: I doesn’t sound like anything DEADLY or very dangerous.Have yoy been having a lot of candy or sugar, because I’ve noticed that when I have candy or anything sweet and sugary and too much of it my mouth getss very sore and i know its painful.Also, it could be because of the salt water, salt is bad for cuts sometimes usually causing a bit os swelling, though this should go down.If worse comes to worse and it doesn’t get better in a few days , I suggest going to see a doctor.good luck !Always&&forever-Katyp.s. try sucking on ice a few times a day, it should bring the pain level down a bit.
what kind of sores can be on the back of the tongue and not hurt?
Q: i have sores in my mouth on the tongue they dont hurt or nothing but they been thier for about a month or so do you know what they are and how to get rid of them?
A: even if they dont hurt, they should be checked by the dentist, it could be something serious. they’ve seen it all and know by sight.
my rabbit has some kind of sores on his bottom lip?
Q: i dont know what it is does anyone
A: Are his teeth too long? Rabbit’s teeth never stop growing so if they do not have something hard to nibble on they can grow too long and stick into their lips. IDK if that is the case with your rabbit but it could be.
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