What kinds of foods have iron in them

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Red meats are the best source of iron. It can also be found in liver, oily fish, dark meat of chicken & turkey, some nuts.MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-kinds-of-foods-have-iron-in-them ]
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What kinds of food has iron?
cucumbers and broccoli i think have a fair amount..
What kinds of foods contain iron?
Iron is a vital nutrient. Iron is needed in order for haemoglobin (the red pigment in blood) to work properly and carry oxygen to all the body`s cells. A lack of iron leads to tiredness and may affect memory and learning abilities. Women an…
Can I cook all kinds of food in high quality cast iron cookware??
Yes. Just as long as your cookware is well seasoned. However, avoid storing highly acidic foods (e.g. tomato sauce) in cast iron because the acid will damage the seasoning.

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What kind of foods have a lot of Iron in them?
Q: I have a 4yr old daughter with cerbral paulsey, and she has low Iron. So I was just wondering what kind of foods have a lot of iron in them, also she has to be on a high calorie diet, any suggestions as to increasing calories? ( I have been adding extra butter to her food)
A: twins !Iron Rich Foods containing Heme Iron Excellent Sources Clams Pork Liver Oysters Chicken Liver Mussels Beef Liver Good SourcesBeef Shrimp Sardines Turkey Iron Rich Foods containing Non-Heme Iron Excellent Sources Enriched breakfast cereals Cooked beans and lentils Pumpkin seeds Blackstrap Molasses Good SourcesCanned beans Baked potato with skin Enriched pasta Canned asparagus The absorption of Non-heme iron can be improved when a source of heme iron is consumed in the same meal. In addition, the iron absorption-enhancing foods can also increase the absorption of non-heme iron. While some food items can enhance iron absorption, some can inhibit or interfere iron absorption. Avoid eating them with the iron-rich foods to maximize iron absorption.Iron Absorption Enhancers Meat/fish/poultry Fruits: Orange, Orange Juice, cantaloupe, strawberries, grapefruit etc Vegetables: Broccoli, brussels sprouts, tomato, tomato juice, potato, green & red peppers White wine Iron Absorption Inhibitors Red Wine, Coffee & Tea Vegetables: Spinach, chard, beet greens, rhubarb and sweet potato Whole grains and bran Soy products To know much more about diabetes visithttp://www.reddiabetes.com
What foods have iron in them(see details)?
Q: I feel like I need to be eating more food with iron in them and i’d like to know what kinds of food have a lot of iron in them. I’ve heard that green peppers have iron but i want to know more foods.
A: Red meats are the richest and most bioavailable sources of iron. Also dark meat chicken, beans and peas, and spinach.Fortified breakfast cereals like Total or Multi-grain cheerios are the easiest way – just one cup of either has 100% of your iron needs for the day. Consuming iron-rich foods with vitamin C improves absorption of the iron, so have some OJ with your cereal 🙂
what foods have a lot of iron in them?
Q: I need 2 know and I do not know what kinds of foods have iron in them please help
A: Have you been tested for low iron? Some mistake low iron with low B12 Too much iron is bad for you… So check with your doctor before:You can get an iron pill just ask your pharmacist it is over the counter but kept behind.Also most multivitamins have iron in it over the counter and perfectly fine to take.Vitamin C helps absorb the iron********What is the daily recommended iron intake for an adult? 10-18 mgWhat are some examples of iron-rich foods? (Conversions: 250 ml = 1 cup; 15 ml = 1 tablespoon)DRIED BEANS AND PEASLentils, cooked, drained 250 ml, 3.3 mgLima beans, cooked, drained 250 ml, 4.6 mgRed kidney beans, cooked, drained 250 ml, 4.3 mgSoya beans 250 ml, 4.3 mgSplit peas 250 ml, 4.5 mgVEGETABLESAsparagus, canned, drained 250 ml, 2.5 mgGreen peas 250 ml, 3.0 mgPeppers, hot, red, dried, powder 15 ml, 2.3 mgSpinach, canned, drained 250 ml, 5.0 mgSpinach cooked 250 ml, 4.2 mgTomato juice 250 ml, 2.3 mgFRUITSApricots, dried, uncooked 15 ml, 0.9 mgPeaches, dried, uncooked 250 ml, 10.1 mgDates, pitted, cut 250 ml, 5.3 mgPrune juice 250 ml, 11.0 mgBREAKFAST CEREALSAll Bran 200 ml, 4.3 mgBran Flakes (raisins) 200 ml, 5.0 mgCorn, puffed (presweetened) 200 ml, 4.2 mgFarina (cream of wheat) 125 ml, 7.9 mgOats, puffed, with or without corn(e.g. Cheerios) 250 ml, 9.2 mgOats, puffed (e.g. Alphabets) 250 ml, 6.2 mgRice Krispies 250 ml, 2.3 mgWheat flakes (e.g. Pep, Grapenuts) 200 ml, 6.4 mgWheat, puffed (e.g. Sugar Crisp) 250 ml, 6.3 mgWhole wheat (e.g. Shreddies) 250 ml, 6.3 mgNUTSAlmonds, shelled whole 125 ml, 4.0 mgBrazil nuts 125 ml, 2.3 mgCashews, roasted 125 ml, 2.8 mgPORKHam, lean and fat, roasted, 6 mm thick 2 slices, 2.7 mgPork chop, thick, with bone, lean and fat 1 chop, 1.9 mgBEEFCorned beef hash with potato 8 oz., 4.6 mgCorned beef, medium fat 2 slices, 1.9 mgGround beef, broiled, medium fat 250 ml, 2.9 mgSteak, broiled, lean only 1 piece, 3.4 mgPOULTRYChicken, white meat 76 g, 1.3 mgChicken, dark meat 90 g, 1.5 mgTurkey 90 g, 1.6 mgLIVER AND KIDNEYBeef kidney (8 cm x 6 cm x 8 cm) 3 slices, 11.8 mgBeef liver, fried 3 oz., 8.0 mgCalf liver, fried 3 slices, 13.0 mgChicken liver, fried 3 medium, 7.7 mgPork kidney 3 slices, 7.2 mgPork liver 3 slices, 7.2 mgFISH AND SHELLFISHClams, canned, drained 1 can, 5.5 mgLake trout, broiled or baked 90 g, 4.5 mgSardines, canned in oil 7 medium, 2.5 mgScallops 6 pieces, 3.0 mgTuna, canned, drained 90 g, 1.7 mgCOMBINED DISHESBeans, white, dry, canned, with tomato sauce 250 ml, 4.9 mgBeans, white, dry, canned, with wieners 250 ml, 5.0 mgBeef pot pie, baked (10 cm) 1 pie, 4.1 mgCabbage rolls with meat 2 rolls, 2.1 mgChili con carne, with canned beans 250 ml, 4.5 mgChili con carne, without beans 250 ml, 3.8 mgPoultry pot pie (10 cm) 1 pie, 3.0 mgSpaghetti with meat balls and tomato sauce 250 ml, 3.9 mgSEEDSPumpkin/squash seeds 125 ml, 6.5 mgSunflower seeds 125 ml, 4.1 mgODDS AND ENDSAll purpose flour 250 ml, 3.2 mgBrewer’s dry yeast 15 ml, 1.4 mgBrown’s sugar, packed 250 ml, 7.9 mgEgg 1 egg, 1.1 mgEgg noodles 250 ml, 2.7 mgInstant breakfast with milk 1 pack, 5.0 mgMolasses, cane, light 15 ml, 0.9 mgMolasses, cane, blackstrap 250 ml, 3.2 mgPasta, enriched 250 ml, 2.4 mgSplit pea soup 250 ml, 1.5 mgWhole wheat flour 250 ml, 3.8 mgEnjoy** I am a Registered Dietitian*********************************
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