What should I have for lunch tomorrow

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You can never go wrong with Chinese Food! How about some Kung Pao Chicken, Steamed White Rice, and Chow Mein. Thanks! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-should-i-have-for-lunch-tomorrow ]
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What should i have for lunch tomorrow?
Tuna on wheat with a orange to get the tuna taste out and a cold diet squirt
I need to pack a sack lunch for tomorrow, but I have no bread. Wh…?
If you feel like cooking, you could make – mac n cheese – pancakes or crepes (you can wrap in crepes any salad or filling to your taste) – rice pudding – chicken caesar If you don’t wanna cook, then veggies and dip, fruits, cup soup.
Where should i go eat for lunch tomorrow in NYC.
OH, if you select the neighborhood where you’ll be around lunchtime in the Search bar, you can then click off the $ box and find all the cheap places in that vicinity. Yelp will even sort it with the 5-star restos at the top. This message b…

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What should I eat for lunch tomorrow, when I have a field hockey game?
Q: What should I eat for lunch when I have a field hockey game after school? Im 5 foot 2 and i weigh 94 pounds. Im 14 and ive been a vegetarian my whole life. Im always hungry though for some reason, maybe because im growing? anyway tomorrow i was planning on bringing a protein bar and apple for lunch, but i dont feel like being hungry anymore. ahh, even now i just ate ravioli and now im hungry.
A: eat a bannana, possibly two, its not too heavy on your stomache, and the potassium will prevent cramping in your muscles. also a piece of bread, though its plain will give you a good carb boost which is your body’s natural source of . Avoid any dairy products, and orange juice it will create mucus and you dont want that before your game. if you are hungry all the time, that obviously means you arent eating enough, your body needs nutrients that you arent getting so its telling you to eat more. Make sure you are getting enough protein, I find soy beans are really tasty and an excellent source of protein, and a yummy snack.
What should I make for lunch tomorrow?
Q: Well I need to make lunch for my family tomorrow. I’m 14 so I need something simple!
A: Noodles are very easy and you can top them with spaghetti sauce that you heat up on another burner. Or alfredo sauce (good with some bell peppers and onion you ‘grill’ with olive oil on the stove). Or another sauce, like green or red pesto sauce (don’t need to heat up). If you do make noodles, remember that each person might eat up to 1/4 of a box when pasta is the whole meal (= a whole box for 4 people or 2 boxes for 8 people). Also remember that while the back of the box says to boil the noodles for 11 minutes or something like that, you’ll really want to check them after about 7 minutes — they get done fast, and overcooking makes them limp.Salad is also very do-able for you, and you can put almost anything in a salad if it goes well … cheddar cheese, walnuts and apples. Or cucumbers, olives and feta cheese. Whatever. All that’s really required is lettuce, tomatoes and croutons, but people add other things. You could also take a Boboli ready-to-be-baked pizza crust, and top it with spaghetti sauce straight from the jar, some veggies or meat (sliced pepperoni or canned mushrooms… anything really) and some mozzerella cheese. Pop in the oven on a baking sheet and bake for about 20 minutes on 400F.
What should i make her for lunch tomorrow?
Q: i told my gf i’d make her lunch tomorrow. school lunches kinda suck. she’s a vegatarian. she said a grilled cheese, but it’d be cold by then… any suggestions? and i’m not sure what all we have here to make anything with, so just give me random ideas and i’ll see what i have. something niceish please!
A: I was gonna say a BLT minus the B…but make her a fruit salad that would be really good.
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