What to prevent to have a healthy life

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Healthy eating practices, balanced meals,no smoking or drinking alchohol and getting plenty of exercise including cardio each day. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-to-prevent-to-have-a-healthy-life ]
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How can I have healthy bones life long?
Q: What can I do to prevent bone problems and have healthy bones life long? It can be anything, from anywhere like changes to diet and exercise. I want to stay healthy starting with my bones. Thank you, would appreciate some detail too. 🙂
A: You have grown up thinking that what someone says or thinks controls how you feel. This is not true.It is always the way we see things that make the way it is. You need to change the way you look at things.For example – If someone lost their job, they can think “it is the end of the world for me”. Or they can look at it another way. They can think “what a wonderful opportunity I now have to find a better job, one that I love and more money”.If someone doesn’t “like you”, you can think “woe is me, I’m very unpopular without any friends”. Or you can think “thank you my friend for showing me that I need to love myself more, so that you can love me”.If you want anything, you have to give it away first.If you want to be loved or liked by others, – you have to like or love others.If you want friends – you have to give friendship to others.if you want happiness – you have to give happiness to others.Do all the above and more for others, and then watch the friendships grow. As this grows, your self confidence will grow, as you see just how clever and nice you are.Once you can see you are a really nice person, others will see that you are also.The power is in your hands.
What is preventing you from living a healthier life?
Q: What would be your ideal situation?
A: I wish my neighborhood weren’t full of drug addicts so I could go out and get more exercise. I like long walks but in recent years I haven’t been going out much locally because they’re everywhere. I have to use public transport and go places away from my home.
Does being diagnosed ADD prevent a child from being able to get life insurance?
Q: I have 5 children who I have recently gotten life insurance policies for, all are healthy, never even miss school for being sick. Yesterday, I was told my son was denied coverage, but they didn’t have a reason. He is the only child I have that has ADD, is that a reason for not getting life insurance?Does having ADD make u more likely to die? This is life insurance not health.
A: No. Companies will cover almost anyone. There are policies that cover 90 years olds. There are also policies that cover obese people with diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. These policies usually just increase in price.It appears that Pacific life (among many others) covers children with ADD/ADHD. Below is some information from their site:”One of the newer, more common diagnoses encountered in Attending Physician Statements today, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)/Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is being found and is under treatment not only in children but adults as well. Defined as a poor or short attention span with impulsive activity inappropriate for age, the diagnosis may be extended past the typical ages of childhood and maintained on medication or therapy long thereafter. “Insurance can still be obtained on a child that been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.Life insurance is best found by investing time, educating yourself and comparison shopping. InsureMe is designed to be an invaluable resource for insurance shoppers like you in this process. Fill out our easy form, and you can get up to five insurance quotes from insurance agents who can help you make the best decision regarding your insurance. Once again, shop around, get multiple quotes, and learn all you can about a policy before you buy life insurance. To visit InsureMe go to: http://www.insureme.com/landing.aspx?Refby=614505&Type=life
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