What vitamin help your hair grow

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Vitamin C has been known to increase your length and health of hair. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-vitamin-help-your-hair-grow ]
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1Take biotin to keep hair from falling out. This can be found in nutritional supplements or you can get it from eggs, whole grains, milk and rice. Protecting against hair loss will allow it to grow longer. Step 2Use B vitamins. Vitamins B3,…
I don’t know what vitamin but I have heard that a lot of eggs help your hair grow!
Biotin is a B vitamin that allows the body to maintain healthy hair, skin and nails, making it a necessary supplement to encourage hair growth. The U.S. Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine rec…

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Is biotin the main vitamin that helps your hair grow?
Q: I take a multivitamin in the morning then 2 or 3 1,000 mcg of biotin, is that enough to help my hair grow? Or should I go back to just taking a hair vitamin and my multivitamin?
A: Yes, one of the main ones, but I would be doing 5mg/day if you can find it, along with some silica (or use horse chestnut herb), PABA, zinc (20mg) and ensure you’re getting enough protein every day (if you don’t know, use this formula: your ideal weight in lbs. divided by 2.2 x 0.7).
Does the vitamin Viviscal really make your hair grow?
Q: It has been written about in articles from Vogue and Cosmo and I have also read some really good reviews about it online. I have been taking hair & nail vitamins and prenatal vitamins for a while but I want my hair to grow faster!
A: Ask your doctor. From what Ive read and learned hair growth is genetically determined. It grows about half an inch a month so that would be six inches a year. Ive known ppl whove taken biotin pills and said their hair has grown faster but who really knows? Faster than what? Have they ever tracked their hair growth before? Dont get caught up in the hype do your own research and first and FOREMOST: TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR. These miracle pills out there have done more harm than their unproven good. The best you can do for yourself naturally is to stay hydrated. Eat lots of leafy anf green vegetable. Lower your fat intake and the like. Talk to your doctor please.
Is there a vitamin to make your hair grow faster that really works?
Q: Has any one actually used a vitamin or anything that makes short hair grow faster? I have a lot of hair I just want to grow it long (bad haircut).
A: There is in fact a vitamin that helps your hair grow. It is Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). My friend took this, and his hair grew quickly, however, his fingernails also grew extremely fast.For more information see http://www.healingwithnutrition.com/vitamin.html
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