What vitamins are good for bones

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Calcium and Vitamin D supplements are great for healthy bones. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-vitamins-are-good-for-bones ]
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What vitamins good for bones?
The vitamins that are good for bones are calcium
What vitamin is good for bones and teeth?
Calcium is a very good vitamin for teeth and bones. Vitamin D.
Is Vitamin K Good for Bones?
Observational studies consistently demonstrate a relationship between vitamin K and bone health in older people. In these studies, both habitual vitamin K intake as well as biologic markers of vitamin K sufficiency have been examined in rel…

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Good food and vitamins to help heal broken bones?
Q: My brother smashed his tibia while snowboarding. It’s very nasty and he’ll be laid up for a long time. What kinds of foods and vitamins should he eat?
A: How do we keep our bones healthy?A variety of factors contribute to healthy bones.Diet – a varied, well-balanced diet is important to build and maintain healthy bones. A combination of bread and cereals, fruit and vegetables, milk and diary products, and protein (from meat, fish, eggs, pulses, nuts and seeds) should provide the nutrients that your body needs. Foods rich in calcium are especially valuable for healthy bonesCalciumCalcium is a mineral that helps to keep your bones healthy and prevent bone loss. The body needs vitamin D to absorb calcium properly.Which foods contain calcium?Good sources of calcium include:milk, especially skimmed milk dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt canned fish with bones, such as sardines fortified breakfast cereal soya bean products green leafy vegetables (such as spinachThese sound good and yummy and will get you up faster in no time. Also, Zinc and Vitamin C will help build the immune system.
What vitamins are good for my bones and eyes?
A: Calcium for your bones (found in dairy products, and also in many multivitamins)Beta Carotene and Vitamin A for your eyes (found in dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, etc)
what are good vitamins to get stronger bones i get very weak am 2o years old female?
A: You will need 2,000 mg of calcium supplements a day to help build stronger bones. But you will need vitamin D to help the process of calcium absorption. Exercising helps build muscles, which will help protect the bones from stress. Avoid more than 2 small cups of coffee a day, which equals almost 300mg of caffeine. If you consume 300mg or more of caffeine a day, calcium absorption is blocked, and it even removes some calcium from your bones. Also, try replacing soy milk and soy yogurt with dairy. Even though we’re told that dairy is good for our bones, if consumed too much, it actually will remove some calcium from your bones. I went through a stage where I barely consumed any dairy products and instead drank soy milk, and my bones increased in strength. I used to have problems with fractures and stuff, but I never did when I didn’t eat many dairy products.
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