What will i eat for lunch

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My psychic powers are on the fritz but I’m pretty sure it will be food. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-will-i-eat-for-lunch ]
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What will you eat for lunch?
I had a cucumber and hummus wrap on tortilla bread and I’ve just finished some strawberries. Wraps, besides chocolate, are the best food ever <3 I suppose I’m accidently healthy?
Where do I eat lunch?
The luxury ski buses are warm and chaperoned during lunch time. The bus is locked the rest of the day so your belongings remain secure — lunch cards are not recommended, due to the fact that we are so far away from the restaurants where the…
Can I eat lunch with my child?
Let me know in the steno that you are planning on coming for lunch so I can let the cafeteria know (so they can prepare for you). You can meet our class outside the cafeteria at 11:43. Adult lunch is $2.50 and if you bring a sibling, it is …

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What is something i can eat that will fill me up until lunch time?
Q: I eat breakfeast around 7am and I eat lunch around 12pm. At 10am im already starving. Is there any breakfeast that I can eat that will fill me up????
A: Anything high in protein and fiber.Try bannanas or toast with peanut butteror maybe a scrambled egg sandwhich. A glass of milk before you eat will help keep you full.
How much will it cost to eat lunch in Europe?
Q: Well in a week I’ll be going on a tour in Europe for 15 days. I just want to know how much lunch will on average in France, Luxembourg, Germany, and Switzerland. I don’t need prices for breakfast or dinner because they will be provided and I am on a budget of 855 USD or about 561 Euros.
A: All depends on in which country you eat your lunch, Luxembourg and Switzerland are expensive countries, France and Germany cheaper and of course in which kind of restaurant you choose to eat your lunch and what kind of lunch you want to eat. In an ordinary restaurant in France and Germany I believe you could manage with 6-10 euros. About the other two countries l would guess 10 and over (Switzerland does not have euros, but Swiss francs). I wish you a nice tour in Europe and hope you will find cheaper restaurants than I have suggested. I´m sorry to say that due to the euro, Europe is rather expensive nowadays, but hope you will manage fine with your budget.
What will happen if i always sleep midnight and sometime don’t eat breakfast and lunch?
Q: What will happen if i always sleep midnight and sometime don’t eat breakfast and lunch?
A: Your resistance will go down , and you’ll get sick a lot. You must eat SOMETHING for breakfast, even if it’s just toast and an egg, or a bowl of cereal. Keep granola bars, bananas, and nuts on you for when you get hungry. Granola bars are so convenient, yummy, and healthy. You can find them in the cereal aisle of any supermarket or the health food aisle. Also, any health food store.You really should eat 5-6 times a day. Small meals, and a good dinner.It doesn’t matter what time you go to sleep, as long as you get the 8-9 hours you need to feel good. 🙂
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