When can babies start eating solid food

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Babies shouldn’t start eating solid foods until they are at least six months old and start to show interest and can hold a spoon. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/when-can-babies-start-eating-solid-food ]
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When should a baby start eating solid food?
Babies do not need anything other than breast milk or formula milk for the first four months of life. Food other than milk is unnecessary and can be damaging at that age.
When do babies start eating solid foods?
All mammals are protected by the same thing -they can’t physically eat food until they are physiologically ready to digest it. For humans this means picking up the food, placing it in their mouth, gumming it, moving it back with their tongu…
What age can babies start eating solid food, such as rice cereal??
“3 months ” If you ask my sister-in-law, she will tell you to put cereal in their bottle when you come home from the hospital and they will sleep through the night. I don’t agree. I started mine somewhere around the 3 months old t…

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When do babies start eating solid food as opposed to just milk?
A: being a ”Mommy of 2” shouldnt you know?
how old should we start feeding babies solid food or smush baby food?
Q: I was just wondering what age can a baby eat solid food or smush baby food? My sister just had a baby and she’s pre mature. She only weighs like 5 pounds or somethin like that. My sister is feeding her breast milk only. When can the baby eat normal baby food instead of just drinking milk?
A: Well, a preemie will take longer than other babies (you have to adjust for how premature they were) So, he probably won’t be ready for solid food until well into the second half of the first year. My full-term baby wasnt ready until nearly 8 months… all babies are different though. Just tell her to watch for signs of readiness… sitting up on its own, reaching for food, lack of extreme drooling. She can also skip purees, theyre pretty silly… when her baby is ready for real food, she should be able to chew table food.Until then, your sister is doing the BEST thing she can by nursing. Tell her to keep up the good work and support her… bring her dinner from her favorite resturant and do her dishes 🙂
when should my baby start eating solid food?
Q: My baby is 3 months 1.5 weeks old. He’s holding his head up on his own, and can sit in a bumbo alone. Is he old enough to start trying solid foods?
A: Doctors say about 6 months, introduce them to solid food. Just soft ones at first like rice cereal…
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