Why do fat people eat so much

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A lot of people who overeat may have an eating disorder. Different people have different reasons for overeating. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-fat-people-eat-so-much ]
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Why do fat people eat so much?
i’ve got Pringles..woo hoo ohh…i dunno..i’m not fat so i really don’t know
Why do fat people eat so much, then quick to blame it on stress o…?
Some people blame food. Other people do actually deal with their problems by eating. Kind of like how someone may turn to music or drawing, some emotional eaters can turn to food which will make them more overweight and in turn may make the…
Why do fat people eat cakes and cookies so much.?
what an ignorant question,im fat and i HATE cake and rarley eat cookies.Im fat for medical conditions and im trying but no matter what…I can’t help that. and when your cousin has gotten enough,he will worry about his self and not eat so m…

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Why do fat people insist that they do not eat to much?
Q: I mean people don’t get fat from NOT eating? Do they? I don’t buy the genetic thing either. It is a cop out.I am not judging anyone. I am asking an honest question that I would like to know the answer to.
A: I’ve lost 50lbs. I’m still fat. I’m clearly not eating a whole lot or else I wouldn’t be losing weight. Weight loss doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process of months and sometimes years. That is why many fat people who are losing weight have to deal with judgemental pricks like you who tell them they must be doing it wrong because they didn’t go from morbidly obese to healthy in a month.Your move, monkey boy.
Why do fat people eat too much and are lazy?
Q: If they just cut down on what they ate and exercised, instead of slobbing around all day it would be better for all of us.
A: There are a number of contributing factors to poor eating habits in obesity. Some people use food as a comfort factor due to depression or other mental health issues. Others just do not have proper knowledge on good eating habits and their excessive calorie consumption may be learned behavior from childhood. Recent indications are that people who are overweight or obese may be eating too many high glycemic index (GI) foods.High GI foods cause spikes in the blood sugar levels. This contributes to weight gain and a feeling of lethargy after a period of time. Switching to low GI foods may enable them to feel ‘fuller’ for longer and provide a constant supply of energy. Another factor is protein. Most junk foods are low in protein compared to carbs and fat. Protein is one of the most effective foods to satisfy the satiety centre in the brain which allows them to feel ‘fuller’ for longer. So as you see, there are a multitude of factors that make overweight/obese people eat too much and be less active. Most importantly though, they need to admit they have a problem with their eating habits and take the first few steps to change their life.
Why do people think that fat people get fat by eating too much?
Q: I have been browsing this subject, most of the answers were: Because it’s gross when they eat like four double cheeseburgers. In my entire life I have never seen anyone or a fat person at that eat four cheeseburgers! Like, I’m fat, my super skinny friends probably would be the ones eating the four cheeseburgers, I can hardly eat one! Why are people so superficial about body appearances? It’s so stupid it’s like you have to be like a size two to be accepted now-a-days.
A: It’s stereotypical. It’s also how people are raised. If people would raise their kids to not make fun of people and accept everyone, this wouldn’t be a problem. Unfortunately, this is hardly the case. People get overweight by eating too many calories and not burning them off properly. It’s also what you eat-soda, chips, sweets, ect.-that can get you into trouble. Eating is also a type of comfort for some people. It’s addictive. It’s human nature to find something you like and attach yourself to it so much that it interferes with your life. And, all the while, you think you have no problem at all.
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