Why do people brush their teeth

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Brushing Teeth:removes plaque,resists decay,promote remineralization,cleans and polishes teeth,removes stains,and freshen breath. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-brush-their-teeth ]
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People need to brush their teeth for the reasons given by other posters. Trolls don’t have teeth – their Mommies breast feed them for life.
Why, indeed, do people brush their teeth? To prevent tooth decay and being toofleff in your old age is one reason. But there are also many supporting inducements in play. There’s the mint flavour, the freshness in the breath. Don’t forget …
It may surprise you to know that you can thank the U.S. Army for your good dental health – at least, in part. People in this country didn’t pay much attention to dental hygiene until after World War II. But American soldiers were required…

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Why do people brush their teeth in the morning?
Q: I was always getting into conflicts with my parents when I was younger. “Brush your teeth or they’ll fall out”, they would say. I was always wondering (and i don’t do this), why people brush their teeth in the morning or before breakfast. It’s not like there is food on them because like most people, except my dad (who brushes strictly in the morning), brushes their teeth at night to get all the food off! But i do know that some people brush them to get rid of that morning breath – ever heard of mouth wash?!?! ….. tell me if you do or do not brush in the morning, and why or why not. Thanks for responding!
A: Brushing teeth isn’t just to get food off. There are lots of little bacteria strains in your mouth that sit on your teeth. Brushing is especially important in the morning because when you sleep at night, you aren’t moving the bacteria out of your mouth in any way…since you’re mostly still while sleeping. You can get bacteria in your teeth just from breathing in air! Mouth wash helps kill bacteria, but overnight is long enough for plaque to start to build up on your teeth, and they need a bit of scrubbing to knock it off.
why do people brush their teeth before they eat?
Q: i always brush my teeth after eating a meal, but i don’t understand why people brush their teeth and THEN eat a meal. Doesnt the food taste horrible afterwards? I tried it once the other day, and my pancakes and syrup tasted bitter and nasty after brushing my teeth. And wont you just end up brushing your teeth again afterwards?please enlighten me on this topic, those-who-brush-their-tee… =Dthanks
A: When you wake up, bacteria is already growing in your mouth. It’s best to brush before and after breakfast.
Why is it that so many people on here give the advice that toddlers don’t need to brush their teeth?
Q: I have read post after post where people are are telling mothers or caregivers not to worry about brushing their kids teeth until they are 3-4 years old!! To me that’s just CRAZY! Baby teeth should be taken care of too- so what if they are replaced later with permanent teeth! Who wants their kids teeth to rot?? Plus teach them young about good oral hygiene.I just hate to think that there are parents out there who don’t brush their kids teeth! I would feel so guilty taking care of mine and not taking care of my helpless toddler’s teeth!What a shame!It’s mostly on questions where a parent is having a difficult time getting the kid to cooperate when people jump on the ‘they don’t need them brushed’ or ‘they are too young’ band wagon.I like to help out on those questions because my daughter was very difficult when it came to teeth brushing too. But she loves it now.It just surprises me at some of the responses.
A: Brushing baby teeth is a must! Not only does it prevent rotting, but teaches kids the habit very early, and with kids the earlier you get them doing the right thing, the better!!Some people shouldn’t give advice! And you never know, the parents may not be taking care of their own teeth, either.
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