Why does body odor smell bad

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Body odor is the toxic gas from the fermentation or putrefaction processes going on inside your body due to the ingestion of food. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-body-odor-smell-bad ]
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Did Jesus’ body odor smell bad?
smh nothing better to do at 7 am in the morning… I see Did you even brush your teeth yet?
Do Europeans have such bad body odor so it covers the smell of th…?
Interesting question, however, there is no known direct relationship between body odor and bad breath other than to say that the person who has both needs to use proper hygiene, body and oral.Body odor comes from and unclean body which need…
How do I tell her?
Part of the issue is her diet so it’s probably not going to go away. You could ask to shower with her and show her how you bathe I guess.

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Why does a person’s body odor smell worse if they’ve eat lots of meat?
Q: Are there other foods that trigger bad body odor?
A: The meat is acidic food. Whereas our body is rather alkaline. Therefore body has to eliminate excessive acids and other related metabolic products which it does via urine, stool and sweat mainly. Therefore such bodies emit worse odor.
why does my cat have bad body odor. it’s a musky smell. Weights 24 pounds seems healthy and eats good.?
Q: My cat is 5 years old and has a musky smell to him. He weights 24 pounds, seems happy and healthy, but has a smell from head to tail. Wondering why this would be.He is a short hair cat, the smell just started a few days ago. He is an indoor cat and does not go outside. Between 2 cats they get one cup a day. It’s science diet food.
A: you never said if he’s always had that smell. maybe it’s what he’s eating? Does he go outside? He may be getting in contact with a bush/grass/plant…I’d get a towel, wet it and wipe him down every day or so. give him a bath?
Why is it that i smell better/less bad body odor when I drink lipton black tea?
Q: I know that the tea does not contain chlorophyl,but i feel like i just took a chorophyl pill. Iknow parsley and lettuce have chlorophyl. Anywayz, Black tea seems to eliminate body odor.
A: Antioxidants. They clean the crap out of your body. My tongue has been white for a couple of years now, too much coffee and smoking but I’ve been drinking tea over the last 48 hours instead of coffee and my tongue is back to a normal colour.
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