Why haven’t I had a period in 2 weeks

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If you are not pregnant, other causes of irregular periods include: excessive weight loss or gain, increased exercise, or stress. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-haven%27t-i-had-a-period-in-2-weeks ]
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I just had my period 2 weeks ago, my boobs are sore and im moody….?
I am in the Medical Field You would NOT have any symptoms this early You had your period two weeks ago meaning you would ovulate sometime this week Implantation would NOT occur for another 2 weeks so your answer is NO The Conception Process…
I’ve Had My Period For 2 Weeks. What could I Have??
these things happen, especially when you are on birth control, give it another week or so, it will probably show signs of ending soon
Will i get pregnant if i had unprotected sex 2 and a half weeks a…?
“Based on normal human fertility cycle… BAD TIMING!” You count back 14 days from the start of your menstral cycle and that is your ovulation day + or – 3 days and sperm is viable for up to 6 days inside your body and most viab…

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haven’t had my period in 2 weeks?
Q: I haven’t had my period in exactly 2 weeks im still a virgin Ive never had sex or done anything so why is my period late? and i am only 15 and have been having my period for 4 years
A: Maybe I’m crazy, but I was under the impression that your period normally comes roughly once a month.
why did i get my period 2 weeks earlier after having unprotected sex and drinking the plan b pill? Im i preag.?
Q: I had unprotected sex about a month ago the same day i drank the plan b pill. About 5 days later i han sex again and a little sperm when in. But my period came two weeks earlier that it was supposed to.. Now my period date passed and i haven’t get it is it possible that i could be pregnant?
A: take a pregnancy test. that should tell you.
Why haven’t I started my period yet? It will be 2 months tomorrow since I had my son.?
Q: And I bleed for 3 1/2 weeks after. I asked my doctor at my post par tum check on the 28th of last month, and she said it should be coming soon. But it hasn’t so far. What is going on?I haven’t breast fed my son in a month. I couldn’t make enough milk
A: Some women just don’t get a period right away. If your Dr. is concerned, they can give you something to help bring it on, otherwise enjoy it while it lasts….9w 3d with #5
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