Why is loosing one pound a week healthy

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Trying to lose too much weight too fast can be harmful and put too much stress on your body. Gradual weight loss gives your body time to adjust to its new size. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-loosing-one-pound-a-week-healthy ]
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Why is loosing one pound a week healthy
Trying to lose too much weight too fast can be harmful and put too much stress on your body. Gradual weight loss gives your body time to adjust to its new size. ChaCha!

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Why have I not lost one single pound????????????
Q: Ok I am 24 years old and I have been working out 6 days a week doing cardio for 1.5 to 2.0 hours….I eat very healthy ( 3 times with 2 snacks in between ) I mean lots salads, turkey wraps and weight watchers smart ones and I did not loose not one single pound…GOOD THING I DIDN’T GAIN IT EITHER….On top of that I am taking Alli pills…What is going on?????
A: Too much cardio…do interval training for 45 minute to an hour max. Turkey wraps, weight watchers meals, smart ones..all processed foods which means high sodium–you are probably retaining water. Weight training is important for weight loss!!Lela SimonACE certified Personal TrainerIIN Health Counselorget your free health consultation @http://www.hellthraiser.com
why aren’t I loosing weight since starting running?
Q: I’ve actually gained a pound. I stopped going to the gym because I wasn’t seeing results and started doing a home video. I did tone up with that but it was only a 30 day program. I started running about 3 weeks ago…5 or 6 days a week about 2 miles. Some times I go in intervals. I thought I would a least loose a pound instead of gaining one! I do eat very healthy and I have even cut a few calories from my daily diet. Any tips? I’m 5’8 132I’m actually just trying to get to 125…I feel the most comfortable there…I also want that runner long and lean look, just kind of tightened up.
A: Ironside is a little on the right track, what is probably going on with you is OK and totally normal. Your body had some fat to lose and with working out and running your losing some fat but gaining muscle which weighs more than fat. Don’t stop running though as he said, keep going and I promise you’ll see results if eating good (which you said). I might suggest this to get the lean runner look, instead of 5-6 days at about 2 miles each time out. Do like 4 days a week and go further say 3 X 1st day, 5 X 3rd day, 3 X 5th day, and 5 X 7th day. Then if want to do any other days just do some other workouts: cycle, weights, or any other cardio. I know I never wanted to lose weight when I started running and kept my same weight, but over time my body changed a good bit even though I kept my same weight. Good luck hope it get the way you want, feel free to contact if need more help.
why am I not loosing weight?
Q: I eat healthy, no fast foods, very little breads , plenty of grapefruit, apples, lots of plain fat free yogurt and kefir, tofu high fiber organic cerila and granola, no sodaand for last month I’ve been doing cardio for 45min-1:15hr a day 5-6/week plus some weights and my weight did not drop one poundscale shows the same but my waist get smaller from tight 38 down to loose/comfortable 36what am I doing wrong?I want to loose at least 20 more lbs by maybut I cant go to gym everyday….best I can do is jogg everyday or every other day for 1.5-2miles a day and go to gym when Im back home from the road every 10-12 daysplease advisein additionI do not drink soda, or all this so called health juices which have ton of sugarI try to limit my self to water, organic green tea, coffee with non sweetened creamer and v8I dont eat the commercial diet foods and the granola is from the “bare naked” brand and its loose not a bar formI make my highest priority to avoid sugars and the bad carbohydrateswhen doing cardio I can burn 600-950 calories and my intake for the whole day is maybe 1500 tops
A: Are you on any medication’s? Sometimes the side affect’s of medication’s can cause weight gain even though you are doing the right thing’s.
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