Will it clean your system

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Gatorade is used by some in fasting, but it alone will not flush toxicities out of your system. ChaCha again! 242 242 [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-it-clean-your-system ]
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How to clean your system?
Opiates take 3-5 days on average to clear the system.Sorry there is no way around it.If you take them once in a while you should be ok after 3 days as long as you aren’t taking handfuls at a time…..Dave
What does it do? tushy clean personal hygene system.?
It cleans your tush! A new and pleasant experience for most people. Without one you do not know what you are missing! A truly unique experience you will surely enjoy!
Does niacin clean out your system?
Yes niacin cleans your system by opening your pours and flushing it through your skin. the first time your skin can get really red and irratated from the flushing, which can last about an hour. With my experience it could take about a week …

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Will green tea with antioxidants help clean thc from marijuana out of your system?
Q: Will green tea with antioxidants help clean thc from marijuana out of your system? If so, how much should you drink a day and how long does it take?
A: Depends on your frequency of smoking and your last use. Go buy one of those drinks and follow the instructions.
If you hold your pee until you can’t stand it anymore will it clean your system out faster?
Q: i’m trying to pass a drug screen at a hospital for a very important job and i have 30 days but i was wondering if what i heard was true… if you drink lots of water and hold your pee as long as you can will it collect all the toxins faster for you to flush your system better or faster?
A: Your kidneys are in charge of filtering toxins out of your body…they filter the same amount of toxins out whether you drink a cup or a gallon.By holding your urine till it becomes painful you’re just putting yourself at risk for bladder damage or a urinary tract infection.
Will vinegar really clean out your system in 24 hours?
Q: I have a friend that needs to take a drug test for a job but she occasionally smokes marijuana. I have heard from a few people that taking a few tablespoons of vinegar and drinking a lot of water would flush out her system. Before she tries it i would like to see if anyone else has heard of this method and whether it works or not. I don’t want to send her out there with faulty information.
A: A friend of mine used and he had a test couple of days later, he also gargled vinegar 5 mins before he went. He has mouth swabs taken and it worked for him. But i suppose it depends on how often you use, and if your a heavy user or not. People should calm down its not as if your shooting up in the staff toilets!!!
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