Will watermelons make you gain weight

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Watermelon will not make you gain weight. One slice of watermelon has 46 calories, 0 grams of fat and 1 gram of fiber. It very low in calories and is considered a “diet food.” [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-watermelons-make-you-gain-weight ]
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Does watermelon make you gain weight?
Water melon, is well mostly water so what water melon you eat is likly to be flushed out of your body very quickly, you would have to eat severe quantities of water melon to gain weight off it. These days we worry to much about eating this,…
Does water and watermelon make you gain weight?
No. Just the opposite. Water is very good at helping you lose weight. It has no fat or calories, and it helps you to feel full, and helps flush your body of toxins. You may feel a little bloated, when your bladder is full and you are drinki…

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will negative calorie foods make me gain weight if my metabolism is really slow?
Q: I have to be honest I haven’t eaten right in ages but I fear if I ever do then I will gain tons of weight. Will I gain weight if I eat tons of stuff like watermelons and oranges to boost my metabolism?nooooo please i don’t want to lose more but I haven’t eaten well in years. I know if i just start eating again I will just gain weight and everything will start all over.
A: too much of anything is not correct as too much watermelon will upset your stomach and yes you will end up abdominal cramps and low energy level. Metabolism can be increased by quick surges of exercises like few minutes of fun wild dancing, jumping like small child, skipping a rope and other such fun activites. To learn more about permanent weight loss solution read on…
will eating watermelon late make me gain weight?
Q: its about 11:30 pm, and i got the munchies. i wanted to avoid gaining weight, so i ate a bunch of watermelon. will i still gain weight?
A: nope
Will watermelon help me to gain weight?
Q: Will watermelon help me to gain weight?I mean if i eat lots of it.Someone told me it helped them to gain weight.
A: Oh yeah, I ate one per week for my entire first pregnancy and gained 45 pounds!On a serious note though, I think it was the bread, cheese and steak that made me gain the weight. Watermelon was a yummy treat, but not very high in calories.
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