Are liver disease and liver cancer the same thing

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All cancers are diseases. Not all diseases are cancer. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Are liver disease and liver cancer the same thing
All cancers are diseases. Not all diseases are cancer. ChaCha on!

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ferrets…disease? cancer? help plz?
Q: ive had 3 ferrets in my life, 2 of them died around age 7, but we brought her to a vet and he said she had a tumor in her liver(?). since she was old, we just put her down, but my other ferret that died was only about 2 years old…he had the same kind of symptoms as my first ferret, he slept a lot, back legs didnt work well, got very boney, didnt eat or drink as much, and didnt move much. we didnt bring him to a vet, probably because my mom didnt want to pay or something, but he died..and i was just curious to find out if this was the same as my other ferret. whether it was another tumor or some kind of disease, i dont know. but maybe the same thing? do ferrets tend to get tumors? if you know common causes of death for ferrets, please first ferret was the one with the tumor. my 2nd is alive and well; acting as a normal ferret should, and my 3rd ferret that died..well we bought him after the 1st one died. so i know it wasnt something contageous? my 2nd ferret lived in the same cage as the 1st one before it died, and lived in the same cage as the 3rd ferret before he sorry if this is so confusing, i just dont know how else to word it.[R.I.P Serena and Ripley <3]
A: Sorry for your loss. =( I know how hard it can be.As for what could have been wrong with your ferrets – I’m not a vet, but my first guess would be lymphoma. There’s two forms of this cancer – juvenile (or lymphoblastic) form which usually hits ferrets under 14 months and then there’s the classic (or lymphocytic) form which hits older ferrets (usually three to four years old and up). It’s a form of cancer that hits the ograns and cells designed for fighting diseases (like the liver, spleen, and kidneys to name a few). Signs would include what you describe – hind leg weakness, loss of appetite, weight loss, lethargy, and can also include enlarged lymph nodes, enlarged spleen, diarrhea, and/or labored breathing. And you’re right, it’s not contagious, but it is very common in ferrets (it’s up there with adrenal and insulinoma). It can be diagnosed with a biopsy of a lymph node, bone marrow, spleen, or chest fluid. Sometimes the symptoms can be enough to raise a red flag. Blood work or feeling under the armpits or around the neck for enlarged lymph nodes can also raise a flag, but a biopsy should always be done to confirm it. Treatment really depends on the age and health of your ferret, but can include surgery, chemotherapy, and/or meds (like prednisone). It’s also VERY expensive to treat. Like I said, I’m not a vet and I haven’t had any personal experiences with lymphoma yet, but I have read a good bit about ferret illnesses, and lymphoma would be my first guess. If you didn’t know exactly what was wrong when they were alive, then the only way you’ll know for sure now is to have a necropsy done.
why is alcohol legal but worse and maryjane is illegal all the way around. why is this? politics ?
Q: alcohol is the worse drug out there but yet its completly legal to sit at home and get drunk off your butt, but yet you can’t sit at home and get high. why is this. alcohol is very bad for you, liver disease cirrosis, poisioning. and i haven’t heard anything bad about weed. i mean there are side affets and addiction but the same thing goes for alcohol. so why is alcohol legal when used correctly and weed isn’t. is this because of politics. i mean people with MS and CANCER who might i add have pain smoke weed and it helps. weed is more of a remedy than a drug and if we okayed it our country could gets its stuff together and use it as a pharmacuetical and get out of debt. make factorys, hire workers, and imort and export. its not that hard. but i guess people have their minds set on it and wont change but if we can get people to open up and see the positive and the good about weed it can help. Nothing against alcohol when its used correctly, but people need to stop being hippocritical.
A: i agree that alcohol is much worse. Marijuana became illegal after prohibition in the 1920’s. Once alcohol was made illegal, then legal again with the 18th amendment, they needed something else to make illegal in order to make money off of it (tickets, etc). Plus if they find a car, house, land, or anything that was a part of the making or selling drugs the municipality who finds it keeps it, that is why sometimes you will see undercover police in a Corvette. That was taken away due to Illegal behaviors. You are right it is all politics, it is more profitable to keep it illegal than to legalize it. But currently some laws are changing making posses ion of small quantities either a misdemeanor on nothing at all.
Memorial for Grandma?
Q: I am looking for a great way to memorialize and honor my grandmother, who is sick with lung cancer and was given just a few months left by the doctors. She is a wonderful and fiery little lady!When my aunt passed away of liver disease a few years ago, my way of honoring her was to plant a tree by the Anacostia River (very polluted area) which simultaneously cleansed the river and nourished a beautiful tree. This was my grandmother’s (the same one) daughter and she loved the idea — she even got a plaque and a photo of the tree with her late daughter’s name and dates. I’m thinking of doing something similar, but I don’t want to do the same thing twice — plus, I want to honor Grams in a different way. Any suggestions would be appreciated! And something that I can do while she’s still alive to show her how much she means to me would also be appreciated.
A: I like the idea of a tree. You could think of this as something your family would do for generations. Planting a tree could never get old. Think of all the good that you are bringing not only to your loved one, but for the earth. It’s a wonderful idea. Or you might think of a ‘star’. I have heard that people have actually named stars in the sky after their loved ones. You might also consider something that she was involved in – a hobby or something that you might want to donate to others. A financial gift to some charity; the family members could write poetry, essays or quotes, songs, or other memorial quips and make a book out of it – print it and make it available for the whole family. Create a picture book (collage) of the family with lots of her pictures in it – very colorful and pretty. Present it to her. Or you could dedicate a family Bible in her name with all the family members names in it. I still like the idea of the tree…..The fact that you all have done this shows how much you really love her. I am sure she has been loved and honored just by the love you have shown. God bless her and all of you and give you strength throughout this time.
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