Are pickles a good thing to eat when sick

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It can really depend on what you are sick with; the vinegar in pickles is said to sometimes help prevent certain diseases. Thanks! [ Source: ]
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Are pickles a good thing to eat when sick
It can really depend on what you are sick with; the vinegar in pickles is said to sometimes help prevent certain diseases. Thanks!

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still feel nauseated whenever i eat pickles?
Q: when i was pregnant i coudn’t eat pickles, i would aways throw up, before i was pregnant i could finish a small jar in 30 mins (sick i know but it was so good) i thought since i gave birth almost 4 months ago i could have a jar again so i ate a few and now i still feel like i did when i was pregnantare the chances of me eating pickes like i used to ruined because of pregnancy? who still cant eat certain things?
A: I still had cravings for 6 weeks after he was born but all my food aversions were gone well before he was even born, weird enough though some peoples symptoms like that stay and become permanent things.
when you was pregnant what was your cravings?
Q: when you was pregnant did you crave anything strange or did your husband crave anything? With my 1st child..i liked choc covered cherries, pickles and pickle juice, and i could bearly eat with him i was so sickwith my 2nd child i would eat get down to the last 2 bites and couldnt eat them..and he seemed to only like good for me things hated fried foods, i ate tomato soup, never done that in my life wanted dairy queen burgers the meat with tomato on it..that was good…3rd child i hated meat with a passion..i bearly could eat with her..and i really didnt crave nothing..and my husband was along for the whole ride with morning sickness..
A: With my first child, it was milk. Normally, I don’t drink a lot of milk but with him it was gallons. I had really bad heartburn and for some reason the milk helped. I live in Canada and my husband had to go across the border to buy it because I was drinking so much of it. That baby is 15 now and has the strongest bones I’ve ever seen (lots of falls, nothing ever broken, serious athlete).With the second child, it was steak and eggs. Major protein cravings, almost every night. He was the strongest baby I’d ever seen and by the time he was five his upper body muscles were so clearly defined that he looked like a little bodybuilder. Now he’s 13 and still pretty solid.I don’t know if there is a connection between the cravings and how the child turns out, but it seemed that way with my kids.
Am i pregnant??? Please give me some advice!?
Q: I am 16 years old and have had sex with my boyfriend and we used a condom. its been awhile since we have had it and i still havnt had my period from what i can recall. the last week and a half i threw up EVERY morning, my breasts have been sore, i have been super tired for 2 weeks, i cant concentrate on anything, i have specific cravings and didnt eat anything for awhile because nothing but a few things in my house sounded good so i ate pickles, bread stuff, and chicken. I am also sick though at the same time. I have a stuffy nose and a cough and friday i went to the doctor to get my blood tested. Yesterday i took a pregnancy test and it came out negative but i didnt know when to take the test because my periods are REALLY inconsistant and im just really confused and scared so a little advice on what to do would be really helpful. i also dont know if the doctor will look to see if im pregnant or not on my blood test. Will the doctor look to see if thats a possibility? PLEASE HELP!!!
A: Most likely, If you told the doctor all your symptoms and that you have had unprotected sex then that would be the main thing he would he testing for!you will just have to ask him and say that you think you might b pregnant! It sounds like you could be pregnant but ther is also the chance that it could be in your head, if you think about being pregnant or are stressing out about it then ur body can make ur period late and show signs pregnancy! our bodys are weird like that
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