Are swollen glands contagious

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Swollen glands can be contagious if they are caused by infectious disease. If they are caused by Cancer or other non-infectious problems, you could not pass it on to anyone else. Have it checked out by a doctor. Some gland problems are serious.ChaCha [ Source: ]
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What disease has the symptoms of a swollen neck gland, sore throa…?
A sore throat has the symptoms of swollen neck glands and slight drainage… don’t worry, you should be fine. Drink lots of tea for the sore throat. ChaCha!

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Swelling Glands?
Q: My boyfriend says that he has glands that have been swelling. There’s one on the left side of his throat that’s swelled, and he said it left a knot in his throat. The gland behind his right ear is also swelled. Does anyone know what this is a sign of? Is it serious? Is it contagious? And what medicine would work for this if you couldn’t go to the Dr.?
A: When I had mono the glands in my neck became swollen. My throat also hurt. He should probably go to a doctor to check if he has anything or not.
Is it possible to contract mumps after being vaccinated against them?
Q: I have recently-within the past fortnight- been in close contact (i.e. sharing drinks) with someone suffering from mumps (the contact occurred during the contagious incubation stage- just before the onset of symptoms). I have had the double measles/mumps vaccine (in 1988) but am suffering symptoms of the mumps- including a swollen gland. Is it possible that I have contracted mumps?
A: yeah it is possible to catch any disease after you have been vaccinated due to your body not being able to produce the right antibodies fast enough from the toxins of your vaccination. You need to contact your doctor as soon as possible.Good Luck : )
When can I start doing normal things again after Glandular fever?
Q: I was diagnosed 10 weeks ago, and was in the hospital with my glands swollen up, now I’m still a little bit tired but my liver function is back to normal. Am I able to drink again soon? and also for how long am I contagious (eg through kissing)?
A: Everyone recovers at different rates, you should no longer be infectious so kissing is OK. If you are going back to exercise, begin slowly after a viral illness. The liver issue is perhaps the most difficult. If your LFTs were significantly deranged your liver might be sensitive for some time so be careful. Certainly don’t exceed recommended levels. Perhaps it might be wise to have them checked again after a month if you are drinking alcohol again to confirm your liver is coping.
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