Can a bird get sick

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Birds are able to become ill with respiratory infection, flu, common cold, and many serious diseases. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can a bird get sick
Birds are able to become ill with respiratory infection, flu, common cold, and many serious diseases. ChaCha!
Do birds get sick?
Most birds have very sensitive immune systems. If they are exposed to a sudden cold draft they can easily catch a cold. If they are exposed to any Household Toxin it can prove to be fatal within minutes. Birds are also known for getting in…
Do birds get sick (or act sick) when they are molting??
“This is a stressful time for birds” How is your bird acting sick? Sitting at the bottom of the cage, fluffing up its feathers, sneezing, runny nose and not eating can all be signs of a bird that is ill. Is this your birds firs…

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Can i get my bird sick?
Q: i have a white faced cockateil and also have a cold can i get it sick of not?
A: Even if you are healthy, you can make your bird sick if it comes into contact with your saliva. When you have a cold/virus or bacterial infection, the risk intensifies. Wash your hands thoroughly, up to your elbows, and keep your face away from your bird. No kissing anywhere on his/her body until you are completely recovered, and then only dry “peck” type kisses.
can you get salmonella from picking up a sick bird?
Q: there was a little bird that was in the road and he/she got hit by a car, so i picked it up and brought it in side and put in in a shoe box, my mom isnt home, what should i do with it? could i get sick?
A: ye you will get bird flu and die quick put it back outside
Can a dog get a bird sick? ?
Q: I have a chihuahua, who is 3 years old. I have a parakeet that I have had for a week. My parakeets poops have been healthy and normal. Yesterday my dog had a bad case of the runs. She was in my room where my bird is and came in every so often and left. I picked up my dog and then was holding her when i was talking to my bird. I put my dog down and pet my bird and then left the room. Now today my dog is feeling better but my parakeet had some runny poop. Does this mean my dog gave my bird whatever she had. Or is it coincedence? My bird only had one runny poop. So I don’t think it is serious.
A: It is bad to let dogs be near birds because dogs saliva has germs and stuff that is toxic to birds. However, I do not think your dog gave your bird anything this time around. Birds have a VERY fast system- whatever they eat usually makes its appearance out the other end around 15 to 20 minutes later. If the bird ate something juicy, say a grape, they will have nicely watery poo very soon. Your bird probably had something juicy to eat or a lot of water. If it continues to have runny poop, however, that’s a bad sign and it needs to be taken to the vet ASAP.
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