Can a doctor detect an eye disease

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To find out if you have an eye disease, it is best to visit an eye doctor. They specialize in eyes and eye problems. A regular doctor does not have the equipment needed to find eye disease. ChaCha on. [ Source: ]
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Can a doctor detect an eye disease
To find out if you have an eye disease, it is best to visit an eye doctor. They specialize in eyes and eye problems. A regular doctor does not have the equipment needed to find eye disease. ChaCha on.
Does it indicate that I have an eye disease? Should I go see a do…?
you will be more comfortable if you go to the doctor , and also more oriented about the case in the future
Should People With Certain Diseases See Their Eye Doctor More Oft…?
・ People with diabetes should see their doctor more frequently as recommended by their diabetes specialist. … ・ People with a family history of eye diseases such as glaucoma macular degeneration , and corneal diseases …

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if i get an eye vision check up can the optometrist detect if i have an eye disease or infection?
Q: i think optometrists mostly focus on eye vision check ups, giving you contacts, telling kids to read that chart thing that’s always taped on the wall or door, and stuff like that… will they be able to detect if someone has an eye disease/illness just by looking at your eye in a vision checkup? i am not degrading optometrists here. it’s just that these days my eye really itches and recently i have noticed my vision isn’t as good as before so i was just curious… are there eye doctors that focus more on the eye than on correcting someone’s vision?
A: yes eye doctors that give you your glasses or contact perscription certainly do check your eyes to be sure that there is nothing wrong. when you go explain your symptoms and they will def take a good look. the itching sounds like possibly pink eye which you would need to go to your regular eye doctor to get a med for. the not seeing as well as you used to could be just your eyes weakening and you may just need a slightly different prescription. or it could be cataracts which would give symptoms such as blurry vision, light sensetivity, trouble seeing at night. call your eye doctor to get checked. if they feel something is wrong they will send you to a specialist whcih one depends on what they think could be the problem.
Sick 12 yr old golden – white gums, vomiting, lethargic after short walks?
Q: I’m pretty desperate. My 12 yr old golden retriever is typically very active. Despite her age she plays ball between 2-3 hours at the park, no hip problems at all. A week ago she played ball normally and we proceeded to go on a walk, like usual. On our walk she slowed way down and eventually her back legs started to cross and she had to lay down. She threw up several times and seemed gravely ill. I carried her to a van and took rushed her to the vet. Since then, any short walk (just long enough to potty), her gums turn white, her eyes look sunk-in, she throws up, and has to lay down to recover. Every day for the last week she has thrown up at least twice, usually a yellow frothy substance.* She is still eating, yet still losing weight* The doctor detected an irregular heartbeat the night I took her in, but has not found one since* She has had blood tests, a urinalysis, and an echo cardiogram — everything turned out normal except an indication of early kidney disease (however the doctor said that wouldn’t be causing this).* They want her to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours and try to induce an episode* Episodes seem very random, usually when I get home from work and take her outside is when it occurs, but then the rest of the night she will seem ok* Last night she threw up in the middle of the night, usually the vomiting occurs after some level of exertion.Her symptoms are so generic that I can’t find much on the web. I’m desperate for suggestions as I’ve already spent $1100 and been given no answers, just been told one of these times an episode could be fatal. HELP!
A: sounds like she is throwing up bile which is not serious. Usually means the stomach is empty. The heart can affect the body a lot, it could account for her slowing down some. She cannot take the strenuous wexercise she was getting. Take her for shorter walks, don’t push her. Her body just isn’t as young as it once was.I would keep a notebook of her symptoms. When they occur, what seems to precede them, etc. Take her back to the vet in a day or 2 if she isn’t any better. You may need to take her to a dofferent vet.Oh and the white gums usually mean anemia.
Tests for MS..?
Q: I’ve been getting a lot of symptoms of MS, though before I suspected it I was going through intense health anxiety. My question is, can an Erythrocyte sedimentation rate test (the inflammation one) detect MS? My reasoning is that MS is an inflammatory disease and ESR detects inflammation. I’ve also had a thorough eye exam and the doctor said everything was normal.
A: It’s a neurological disease that causes inflamation. The test should detect inflamation, but it won’t conclusively decide MS as the cause. It may not even detect anything. The only way I know that you can decisively diagnose MS is through an MRI. I hope you don’t have it — it’s a horrible disease.
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