Can alcohol hurt kidneys with kidney disease

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Yes, it is recommended to not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs when you have kidney disease. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: ]
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Can alcohol hurt kidneys with kidney disease
Yes, it is recommended to not drink alcohol or use illegal drugs when you have kidney disease. ChaCha again soon!
What Are the Treatments for Alcohol-Induced Liver & Kidney Di…?
Alcohol is a potent toxin that can damage various parts of your body, including your kidneys and liver. A variety of problems can result from this damage, with some being permanent and worsening…
Are alcoholics at risk for kidney disease? If so, why??
No, kidney disease is not a common problem amongst alcoholics.

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does this sound like a muscoskeletal issue?
Q: I have been experiencing stomach pain, abdominal bloating, constipation, belching, and back pain for over a week now. It started after I got sick from drinking too much alcohol. I have a chronic bladder condition called interstitial cystitis and my doctor thinks i most likely have irritable bowel syndrome as well. She tested my urine for a kidney infection b/c of the back pain but there was nothing. If I feel down below my rib cage on my back and it is tender to the touch. My kidney area hurts badly and it feels like a burning sensation. I have been reading online and think I may have Pancreatitis? Is this consistent with Pancreatitis? I also have read about Fibromyalgia as well b/c these autoimmune diseases seem to occur together, but I just cant get myself to think that this is just a muscoskeletal pain problem especially since its mainly in the area where my kidneys are located. I know this isnt for medical advise but I have been posting on other sites and have gotten no where. I have an appt with a GI dr next week so I am hoping i can get some answers. I had a Complete metabolic panel test done and all levels were normal that was in June. Could this one episode be the cause of a serious condition such as Pancreatitis? I have been reading about Ulcers as well. I dont have a churning gnawing pain in my gut or blood in my stool etc.. I do have a little indigestion though.
A: Katie,No it does not and I think since you have IC you need to see a urologist that is knowledgeable in IC. Sounds to me also like you have a kidneys infection. That needs to be looked into right away as they can become very serious very fast. You can see your primary care doctor or your urologist if you have one so you can get on antibiotics. I have IC for most of my life now. I also have IBS and Fibro and know that these go hand in hand many times with IC. I know many people that have IC. There is a diet for IC that also helps with your symptoms and problems. There is support site that is very good in giving support and information on IC,Fibro and IBS amongst other things. It also has the diet for IC. Most people cannot drink alchohol that have IC as it makes matters worse. It sure sounds to me like this is connected to your IC. Please contact your doctor rigth away to rule out infection in your kidneys. Feel free to join the I_Shine support group just for these issues at [email protected] there is so helpful and very supportive. Good at answering questions and just caring.Good luck to you,Shar
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