Can boys be anemic

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Yes! There are a number of disease that can cause a low red blood cell count, or anemia. In fact, a wound can cause anemia. [ Source: ]
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Can boys suffer from anemia?
Yes anybody can, what age is he? i ask as my son has been complaining of being tired every morning, but then he fine 2 hours later

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Is 40mg of iron to much to give an anemic 2 year old?
Q: The doctor said to give my son 4ml of the polyvitamin liquid drops. His hemoglobin was 10.1 from the CBC and 8.1 from the finger stick test. I just want to make sure I am not overdosing my baby boy on iron since that can be deadly.I meant to put 40 ml. Sorry about the confusion. I am still half a sleep. I have the box in front of me.
A: Milligrams and milliliters are two different doses. For instance, it takes 100 ml to make 1 Mg. If his pediatrician said to take 40 Mg, then that’s what you should give. If you have doubts, get a second opinion.EDIT. If it were my child, I would give him the dose ordered. Does he know why your child is anemic? Just nosy I guess., but give the 40 ml, you’re not overdosing, however, keep a check on his bowels as iron is very binding and could cause him constipation. Ask the Dr, about that and what to give your son if he should become constipated. I hope he’s better soon.
What to do about dark circles under my eyes?
Q: I’m only 22 and the dark circles under my eyes just seem to be getting worse and worse. What are they? Why do you get them? And most importantly, WHAT can I do to get RID of them?To give you the MOST information about myself that I can…I was born with gastroschesis, meaning my intestines were on the outside of my body…I have a two year old little boy…I eat pretty healthy…I don’t really excercise often…Because of the gastroschesis, I MAY be an anemic! Hopefully this will help someone help ME!I’m still looking for a best answer! Anyone got one? While the answers below WERE helpful, they weren’t what I was looking for…
A: You need to live the healthiest life possible. Good sleep, exercise. You need mental health also. Problems make it worse. Try not to suffer too much. Maybe that’s the hardest. Good luck !!!
22 weeks pregnant and anemic..any advice?
Q: I went to my doctor’s yesterday and had some bloodwork done. I found out that I’m anemic. Not by much though. I’m in the 9th percentile range and you’re supposed to be in your 10th or 11th percentile range instead. Anemia means that you do not have enough red blood cells in your system. I’m going grocery shopping on monday and would like some advice on what kinda foods to get so I can combat this and make myself healthier. Also, can anyone reccomend any good vitamins? I’m already taking my prenatals. I wanted to ask my doc these questions yesterday but since his office was so full, I didn’t get the information I needed. Hopefully someone can help me here. Please do not comment if you are going to say something negative. Thank you. p.s. I had an ultrasound this last tuesday for those of you wondering and it’s a boy 🙂
A: When I was pregnant and was found to have low iron, I had to take an iron supplement pill once a day (with OJ), and I was advised to eat Total cereal. That stuff has like 100% of your daily need!
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