Can dogs contract aids from humans

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One of the biggest carriers of diseases, besides cockroaches, is the cat. Cats and cat feces carry leukemia, feline AIDS..More? [ Source: ]
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Can dogs get aids from a humans sperm how dosent have aids??
First of all, it is animal abuse to expose a dog to human excretions in the manner in which you suggest, and this is a felony in most jurisdictions. Second, HIV (the virus itself) can be transmitted only among humans, not between species. T…
Why is it that dogs can give humans rabies, but humans can’t give…?
viruses need to find a certain cell and enter it in order to survive. to do so, it has a specific receptor that it looks for, connects to, and then enters the cell with. For HIV, it looks for the T4 receptor on the cells, usually the T help…
Can a human give a dog AIDS?
AIDS is a syndrome caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (or HIV) for short). It cannot be passed on to a dog. Their immune systems are built much differently than those of a human.

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Will dogs get Aids or other diseases by licking up semen?
Q: Hi everyone I am well aware of that humans can’t get Aids from dogs, but could dogs possibly contract Aids or other illnesses by licking up semen from the ground (or from the you-know-where)?
A: Acquire Immune Deficiency Syndrome is a human disease although thereare species specific versions of the disease that other species canget. Dogs are not likely to get that from humans, however theycan get OTHER body fluid carried illnesses. I would be very concerned about permitting a canine to obtain access to the “you-know-where” for male personalhealth reasons, have you ever seen how fast a Labrador orGerman Shephard , even a Scottie or Yorkie can consume a Snausage!!!
Are you agaisnt animal cruelty?
Q: I read this article and now I dont know what to think about eating meat or anything. It is truly disturbing. I say No now. Before I was not to interested now I am researching it. I have found out so much about animal cruelty. Did you know some of these things go on in every day life. It is terrible. Is anyone willing to help? What happens when no one goes against it? Does it continue? Is everyone who does this heartless?Say No to Animal Cruelty!In the United States, an estimated 20 million animals, ranging from rats, cats, worms, mice, frogs, rabbits, dogs, sheep, pigs, and fish are all used in cruel, unnecessary dissection procedures a year. This is not the only way animals are used for people pleasures, this is not the only way animals are unnecessary killed and tortured, this is not the only way animals are used in science, and this is defiantly not the most amount of animals that are slaughtered a year. This is only one of the ways animal cruelty is accepted in our everyday lives. In fact, animals are used for something unnecessary daily, may it be for a simple meal, applying make-up, shampooing ones hair, all of these things either come from animals or are tested on animals. Following this, citizens very own tax dollars are put into allowing cruelty to animals. As a union, we must put a stop to this slaughter, we must work together to make these scientists and these monsters to put a halt to all animal destruction.Animal testing is extremely unnecessary. More than 50,000 nonhuman primates are brought into the United States a year to be used in experiments that are sometime lethal, and always painful. Pharmaceutical tests are performed on these primates, along with vaccine tests, AIDS tests, maternal-deprivation experiments, military experiments and overall universal experiments. For a few of these tests, primates have even proven to be unable to help, for instance, according to, monkeys have never been shown any signs of contracting AIDS, yet these scientists continue to test on them. Seeing as this is the truth, why does the United States continue to test their drugs and their diseases on these primates, if they can’t even contract one of the most known diseases? What happens when they test a new vaccine on a primate, and it shows no negative side effect, but they give it out to a group of humans, and it proves fatal? With uncertainty of animal immunities compared to human immunities, this is bound to occur sometime. Mostly everyone has been to a circus before, with the elephants making a pyramid, or the ring leader putting his head into a tigers mouth, it’s all fun and games when they’re performing in front of an audience, but what happens behind scenes at these innocent carnivals? Tim Frisco is an example of the cruel actions that occur behind the scenes, he’s an instruct for would-be trainers. “Sink that hook into ‘em. When you hear that screaming, then you know you got their attention.” Frisco tells his trainers. What Frisco means by “that hook”, is the bull hook one commonly sees at the circus that’s pressed behind the elephants ears to make them walk, except backstage the trainers tear the sharp metal hook with its spiked end through the elephants skin, which is extremely sensitive, making it cry in agony. Bull hooks are commonly used against elephants in other cruel ways, tender trunk spots, under their chins, behind their ears, or inside the ears, inside the mouth, around the anus, and around the feet, all of which are elephants tender skinned areas. These are only some of the examples of the cruelties pressed against innocent animals in entertainment businesses. Zoos that are “profit-hungry” over breed animals, to continue to have babies to draw in crowds, the older animals are said to have exhausted their “usefulness” and are left in cages too small for them or even disposed of. Animals that are in the wild, free, are allowed to bathe, roam, mate, and enjoy their lifestyle, while animals that are captured in circuses are shackled and beat. According the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, it is prohibited to chain animals, because its “inhumane” and “harmful”. So why do the circuses continue to chain animals, if its illegal? Why don’t people take it into their hands to report seeing this, that could put a possible end to this unnecessary, meaningless cruelty?There are more than seven alternatives to dissection, ranging from “The Digital Frog”, an interactive CD-Rom, to “Catlab” which offers multimedia of dissecting a cat. So why do schools and science teachers continue to make it a must to dissect animals inside of class? There is really no reason for a student who isn’t pursuing a career in the field of science to dissect an animal, it has no meaning to them, and those disgusted by it are by far too distracted of the negatives to actually learn from the process. Those who are pursuing their careers in science are offered other alternatives to dissection,
A: So do you expect us to test those newly inventions on humans first?to get somewhere, there always has to be testing, before humans get the effectwith out mice….no cures would be found at all for most diseases by now
Please help me change my thought process!?
Q: In my new quest to extinguish pessimism and add compassion and optimism to my personality, I have encountered several road blocks. There are certain aspects of my opinions that seem to be engrained in my DNA. I am willing to admit that I maybe wrong, but how do I change it when it makes sense to me? I don’t want to be a monster. My ideas are compared to communist leaders like that of Hitler, and Castro! This seems a little extreme to me, because I don’t want to incorporate cruelty or hurt people, but I have to appreciate the perception of an outsider so that I may gain insight in my thoughts. I am not a bad person, and to ponder these comparisons, I have to wonder if perhaps Hitler and Castro were not bad people ether. This is incredibly difficult to do because it is comforting to think that they were bad people, just a glitch in the matrix, a model that has been recalled. A few of the issues I have strong, and controversial opinions on are as follows: We are spending a lot of money searching for a cure for HIV/AIDS. I believe it to be an extreme waste. If I am correct, the only way to obtain the disease is through the transfer of bodily fluids, and the gross majority of those infected, are drug users and people who do not practice safe sex. This is especially touchy because I don’t feel sorry for people who contract the disease via broken condom, or the infidelity of a spouse. I believe that contraction of the disease is the inevitable result of societies tolerance for promiscuous behavior and lack of common sense. With a little effort from the community as a whole, this disease is preventable. I believe the lack of a cure should serve as an incentive to take your body and what you put into it more seriously. I feel bad for the people who are suffering from it, the same way I feel bad for people who die in car crashes. I know of other diseases that a significant number of the entire population can contract through no fault of their own, you wake up one morning with cancer, or worse, you wake up one morning and your five year old has cancer. I believe this to be obvious and don’t understand why we waste time and money on this. I understand loved ones are involved, but everyone cant live forever (especially at the rate we consume natural resources) Just like the reason for developing the system they use for determining potential organ recipients. When I was a kid, and we were learning about pollution, and the wasting of natural resources, I was in fourth grade. I went home from school every day that week, in a panic, devising my plan to save the world. My first order of business, was to set all the dogs in the neighborhood free. I had heard somewhere that sugar in the gas tank, or a potato in the exhaust would make the car blow up, and this was my solution for the pollution caused by vehicles. I was planning to recruit other kids in the neighborhood to join my plight, and was already considering how fast we would have to act, and going world wide… my home town wouldn’t be enough. As an adult, I am terrified of my nine year old mind! But I still feel like the planet, and all the animals on it deserve to exist in peace. I wish this to be accomplished by any means necessary, including but not limited to violence. Of course a peaceful means should be attempted initially. However, because time is working against us rather than for us, we cannot wait for the last guy to take his time pulling his head out of his ass. Some people believe that humans deserve more rights, or are dominant in some way. But what a double standard that is! How is it different to say white people deserve more rights than black people. Where does it end if everyone has a different idea of whose life is worth saving? What kind of world do we live in, if the majority cannot agree that all innocent life is sacred? Genocide is a taboo subject when it’s my solution to the cure for starvation but perfectly acceptable when it comes to whales and polar bears. These third world countries have been “starving” since I was a kid, we have been feeding them via charity for more than twenty years. I propose we start sterilizing them at birth. That way, at least the last ones may get a chance to live out their lives having food and medicine. Obviously they are not able to sustain themselves allowing them to die out in peace is not even going to put a dent in the human population.! So as the order goes, the weak are supposed to die out, while the strong are meant to thrive. This is the natural order. Some may argue that I am not being fair, and that such order goes both ways. Let me assure you I understand and acknowledge this. However, it seems to make sense that because we occupy the top of the food chain, we owe a certain responsibility to the rest of the planet not to hoard every single resource this planet offers. I am sure tI wish I could think less! I know that has to be a major cause of my anguish!
A: I’m interested to see if this question gets pulled, but there are some interesting thoughts in here, as disturbing as they may seem. Where do I start…I’m actually going to start with this last paragraph and move backwards: “So as the order goes, the weak are supposed to die out, while the strong are meant to thrive. This is the natural order.”Very true. This is the most basic of natural laws: the strong conquer and destroy the weak. But you can’t make the assumption that “natural”=”good.” Following that logic, rape, infanticide, torture and war are all good things. All of these things are common practice in the animal kingdom, and always have been.But here’s what makes humans unique: somehow, someway, we stumbled upon this unique thing called consciousness (I actually have a basic understanding of how this happened, but it takes an entire book to explain, and scientists like Richard Dawkins and Matt Ridley have already written them). Our awareness of the universe around us and how it functions gives us the unique ability to act unnaturally. We can act morally and treat other people fairly in spite of nature, which is cruel and unfair. We can practice selflessness even though it is not in our best interests as individual biological creatures to be selfless.It is because of this unique ability to act morally that human life is more important to sustain than other animals. All living creatures deserve the right to be treated as well as we can treat them, but humanity has the CAPACITY for beautiful, unique traits such as selfless love. If humans become incapable of being selfless, incapable of caring for other beings, then our extinction is not only justified, it’s inevitable.As far as your view of HIV, I disagree for a few reasons, but mostly because sex education is so terrible (especially in America) that a lot of people who practice unsafe sex do so because they received poor sexual education. And promiscuity among humans is natural. Or more simply, sex is fun and we should all have the right to do it as much as possible with as few negative consequences as possible.If you really want to change your mindset, I would recommend the book “Origins of Virtue,” by Matt Ridley. It shows how even though we are controlled by selfish genes, humans have developed ways of cooperating with each other and acting selflessly toward complete strangers.I will end with this: just because something doesn’t sit well with most people does not mean it is not true.
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