Can flies make you sick

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Flies themselves can carry illness and disease and transfer to or contaminate foods. Most flies cannot bite you and cause illness. [ Source: ]
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Can fruit flies make you sick?
Fruit flies can turn wine to vinegar but have never heard of any disease carried by them. They do not settle on meat or dung.
Can horse flies make a horse sick?
If the horse fly is carrying a disease it can.
Can a fly in ur mouth kill u? or make u sick??
No it won’t kill you. They are dirty but the amount of dirt they carry is MINUTE when you think about it. I can only imagine it could be risky if someone left a plate out or something and a bunch of flies kept landing on it. I wouldn’t drin…

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how do you keep flies under control?
Q: Its is really hard for me!… im a clean person i dont have food sitting out… i live in the basement of my bf’s parents house and the flies all come down here from up there by the end of the night..!… i have killed about 30… in 2 dayz.. i think i killed them all when i see another one!.. its really annoying!.. i dont like sleeping knowng that there is theese dirty things flying around it makes me sick!…so what can i do to stop this?.im assuming they are coming in from the front door upstairs being left open.. i cant do nothing about that i have already tried they just dont seem to listen…any advice?Mazloum.. thats what i have been doing.. and it seems to be working and then i kill them all once they are close to the other light LOL..
A: Every year in the beginning of summer, I always get flies swarming around my fruit. What we usually do is go out to the local store (they should have them in your usual pathmark or shoprite etc.) and buy fly paper. It’s basically a ribbon of sticky paper that hangs down in a spiral (it’s about a foot and a half long) and you can just hang it anywhere. The flies are attracted to the sweet smell, but once they touch the fly paper, they stick until they die. The downside of fly paper is that it’s sticky and therefore annoying to open up. It’s also not the looker.. but I don’t imagine a basement is a place of utter beauty. Fly paper is your best bet.
What is it about flying that makes our body so much weaker???
Q: check this out dont get it.why does flying make you 7 TIMES more likely to catch a cold and is such a problem.i fly every single summer and about 2 of those times ive gotten a little sick like stuffy nose and 1 time i had a bad headache but was ok the next day.besides rich ppl like the one in the article TRAVEL in luxury planes so they shouldnt feel it they can sleep or do w/e but they shouldnt feel these things.what is it about flying that makes us sick???yes but its not like you are actually in iti mean the temperature is extremely high up there too but you dont feel it because the plane is surely isnt it the same with pressure?i mean extremely low i make a correction.the temperature is extremely low up there in the clouds but we dont feel it.
A: because your oxygen levels change
How do I make a natural fly catching repellent that won’t make my dogs sick if they think it’s a giant pinata?
Q: I’ve got 5 dogs and pick up after them twice a day. With the warm weather approaching, I’ve also now got a giant fly population the size of Brazil. I’ve tried to get rid of them using the bags you buy at Lowe’s/Home Depot, fill with water and hang from the highest point. My dogs think they’re pinatas and manage to jump up and knock them down (and get sick as a result). Do you know of an EFFECTIVE Homemade Fly Repellent I can make at home – spray on the lawn, trees, etc…? Would like to kill flies, but not my dogs. Thanks for any help! Avondale, AZ
A: get you a big bag or 5 of lime and cover over thier do-do’s with it. A large steel coffee can with a few holes punched through the bottom makes a great dispensor. Simply use two lids-( one on top and one on bottom) to contain the lime until you are ready to deposit. The lime will stop most flies from finding the crap and the ones that do will move on quickly. Start you a trench to bury over the treated poo. This will help a great deal. Be sure to keep the dog food in tight containers as the smell will atract flies as well and they will deposit eggs into it if they can.
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