Can hamsters give people diseases

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Campylobacter infection is one that can be carried by hamsters. It can also be carried by dogs and cats. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Do hamsters give people diseases?
Sara- Thanks for the question. No, generally hamsters don’t give people diseases. If hamsters do have a disease, there is a very low chance you could catch it from them because it often has to do with something that can be wrong only in ham…

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My hamster bit me today. Could there be an infection?
Q: My teddy bear hamster just bit me a few hours ago. Although it didn’t hurt that much, it stung when it put its teeth on my finger. I don’t think there’s any blood on it or anything, and I washed my finger with soap and water. I didn’t put any antibiotics since I didn’t have any at home. Could there be an infection? Could hamsters give diseases to people? What can I do to make sure I’m ok? How can I know if I have any diseases or anything if I don’t wanna go to the doctor’s yet until I know that I have to? I really need help!
A: After a few days, if you still don’t feel sick or anything, I think you’re ok.
Hamsters- what are some things I can do to prevent wet tail?
Q: Hi- two days ago, my hamster died of wet tail. It came on so sudden that I didn’t know what was happening, and then that night, we found him dead in his cage. I couldn’t have taken him to the vet or gone anywhere: My mom and stepdad were gone for the weekend and I was home alone without transportation. (I’m 16) and then, he died. I’m thinking ahead- I’m not ready for a new hamster now, but I’d love to have one in the future- what are some ways I can prevent wet tail from happening? Do genetics have to do anything with a hamster getting wet tail? I’m just wondering some different things that cause wet tail- and what to do to avoid it. I know some people have menchioned stress- what is stressful for hamsters to get wet tail? Can poor diet (too many veggies vs. too few veggies) give wet tail? Thanks guys! I just want to make sure that my future hamster will not get this disease! Thanks.
A: Some examples of stress for hamsters are moving to a new environment, being in a fight with another hamster, constant fear, or not having a refuge/hiding place.But hamsters can develop wet tail for other reasons as well. Parasites in the intestines could also be a cause. Hard to prevent that as I don’t know what the source of parasites would be.I’m not sure about genetics, but too much moisture in your hammie’s diet is often the cause wet tail. Limit the amount of seeds and wet fruit and veggies you give them. His everyday food should consist of 1/2 hamster food (seed mix) and 1/2 lab blocks. Carrots and oats are also a great way to maintain fiber in his diet (plus they go nuts over them!). If your hamster does get it in the future, it needs to be treated right away. As you know, sadly, it can be fatal within 24 hours. There are also commercially available drops to add to your hamster’s water to prevent wet tail from ever occurring.Sorry about your hamster. And good luck with your new one when you get it. (PS make sure you clean the cage very well)
Why do people think rats are so bad?
Q: When I found out my gerbils weren’t gerbils I actually didn’t mind. In fact they were Multimammate rats (the size of a gerbil). They bit me loads at first but after a while we bonded and now I wouldn’t give them up for the world.I even mentioned to my sister they were rats (after she held them) and her reply was “EWWWWWWWWWW *washes hands 70 times*”. I asked her why she thought so bad of them + she answered “they have diseases!” so did most of my family.Are people that dumb to think well bred PET rats all have diseases? That can’t be everyones excuse. I haven’t heard 1 horror story about a rat so I don’t get it.”I just bought a hamster!””Awww!””I just bought a rat!””EWWWWWW”.I honestly don’t get it …Why do people think rats are so bad?Sergey, rats are not related to hamsters LOL.Well they could be extremely distant cousins (the rodent thing) but I don’t think so…
A: its a natural reaction to most cuz of all the stories and pics and stuff ppl think and see. like red eyes, big and black….i actually like rats theyre really sweet…. and the rats that u see crawling around ur street thosee have diseases….not the ones you buy.any1 who hates rats (that r pets) r idiots….i think u should get a ferret too…. they can catch rodents (the ones that scurry around ur house uninvited) unless u have a dog….ferrets + dogs = vet visits VERY often
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