Can humans get diseases from fleas

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Humans can get diseases from fleas, such as; plague, Bubonic plague, Pneumonic plague and Flea-borne typhus AlohaChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can humans get diseases from fleas
Humans can get diseases from fleas, such as; plague, Bubonic plague, Pneumonic plague and Flea-borne typhus AlohaChaCha!
Can humans get Lyme Disease or other tick borne problems from a f…?
Joann… Yes, it is possible to get tick-borne disease from a flea bite. Here’s the cycle…a tick …
Can Human Hair Fleas Cause A Disease?
Well i think so what do u mean by flees?

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A human can’t get a disease from fleas, can they?
A: Sorry to say that in addition to that annoying itch, fleas can carry disease.In pets the results of a flea bite often manifest as flea allergy dermatitis or anemiaBut fleas can also transmit:Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever – fleas & ticsBubonic plague/black death – bacterium Pasteurella pestisflea-borne typhus – caused by Rickettsia typhi (murine typhus) or Rickettsia felis (flea-borne spotted feverTapewormsBartonella bacteria: bartonella henselae, bartonella grahamii, bartonella taylorii and bartonella quintana. Bartonella often only causes mild symptoms, if any, in cats. In people, bartonella henselae usually causes swollen lymph nodes (cat scratch fever) and is not normally serious; however sometimes bartonella can be much more serious–especially in those suffering other chronic illnesses Lyme Disease: It is thought that a flea biting an animal who has already been bitten by a disease-carrying tic can transmit the spirochete causing the disease – as could deer flies, flies, mosquitoes, gnats and mites.People contract plague via a fleabite or by exposure to blood or other fluids from those (human or animal) infected.This doesn’t mean that all fleas carry all or any of these disease potentials but some fleas can carry the disease which is why is good to treat the fleas on your pets and and keep the deer flies from your horses. About STDs or STIs – probably not: “Unlike other infections that are airborne or can be passed on through casual contact, or vectors such as mosquitoes or fleas, STI’s require a very specific kind of intimate contact for transmission” references: – AIDS – scroll way down the page:
Can fleas spread West Nile virus or Rabies virus?
Q: I can’t seem to find anything conclusive that humans can get either of these diseases from a flea bite. But since fleas can transmit other viral diseases (and bacterial too, I think?) it seems like they could transmit rabies or west nile as well, if they sucked blood from an infectious animal and then bit a human.Can they?
A: No, and no. It has to do with the ID or (I)nfectious (D)ose required to make it contagious. The fleas can’t pick up enough virus to infect anybody with it. Rabies will only be passed through infected animals, not insects. West Nile requires mosquitos, which can pass out any array of diseases.
How do I get rid of Fleas?
Q: I don’t have any pets living in my house. But I do have a dog that comes over almost daily. It has fleas. How would I get rid of the fleas in my house to keep them from eating on the humans. And the puppy is around other animals with fleas all day. Is there away to get them to stay off of the puppy. I heard fleas can cause the animal to have diseases, can humans get the diseases to?
A: Borax spread onto your “freshly vacuumed” rugs, and then swept into the rug……leave for 24 hours and then vacuum if needed, will help to alleviate fleas in your rugs. In general, fleas will not tend to go to humans. Maybe there is a way you can suggest to the owner of the dog and puppy to use a treatment such as Advantage or Frontline. The health of their pets are at stake if not treated, and if they are infested with fleas, not to overlook how very uncomfortable it is to have fleas biting them. Poor things. Also, please note that flea shampoos are only temporary and really doesn’t get to the core of the enemy, the fleas. Flea collars are not good either.
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