Can Snakes sneeze

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Snakes can and do sneeze. If your snake is sneezing frequently and exhibits other signs of disease, you may want to contact a vet. [ Source: ]
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Can Snakes sneeze
Snakes can and do sneeze. If your snake is sneezing frequently and exhibits other signs of disease, you may want to contact a vet.
Do snakes sneeze?
yes they do its kind of like a hiss and a pop at the same time and birds yes they do sneeze to clear up the clogging in the nostrils and reptiles yes they sneeze and the same reason we sneeze hoped that helped =)
Could you tell me if snakes sneeze?
Andrea, Snakes do sneeze. If you have a pet snake that has been sneezing, you may want to pay close attention to other things that your snake is doing, as well. Although like most animals, snakes can sneeze just becasue they need to, this…

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is it normal for snakes to sneeze?
Q: I have a boa constrictor, she’s about 4 ft long, and on occasion I can hear her make a little sneeze, is this normal for snakes? or is it a sign of being sick or something else bad? She doesn’t do it alotwell it’s a really high pitched expelling of air from the mouth or whatever..I’m pretty sure it’s a sneeze, or something like it
A: are you sure it is only ocassional that it sneezes? is there any liquid coming out? is it wheezing? — you safest bet is to head to the vet — but — how are your temps? are they correct and consistant? temps and humidity are very important with exotics like your boa — was your snake in the water dish before he sneezed? —- try raising your temps for a week or so (assuming that they are correct right now) if it is resportory it should clear up — but if it gets worse and/or more frequent head right to the vets do not pass go, resportory infections can go from bad to death very quickly,,/
Snake sneeze?
Q: Can snakes sneeze, cause my snake made this weird sound that sounded kinda like she sneezed. It was after she had taken a dip in her water bowl, which i had just replaced, so maybe the temperature was a little too low?
A: Snakes can sneeze, it is different than a human sneeze of course. She probably didn’t close her nose properly and was just pushing air out quickly to expell the water. I have had my ball python do htat before… I got scared that she may have been sick so I took her to hte vet and that is what they told me (80$ later, that is.)
can snakes cough or sneeze?
Q: I am a snake lover and the thought has often crossed my mind about them coughing or sneezing, i have never come across this in my many years but i would like to know…
A: Reptiles, fish and amphibians are ectotherms. That means they breathe in about 1/20 the amount of air compared to a mammal or a bird of the same size. Because of that, mammals and birds have independently evolved respiratory turbinates, which are plates of tissue inside the nasal passage. These turbinates work by trapping water within the warm-moist air coming from the lung. When colder, dryer air is breathed in, it picks up the moisture in the turbinates and returns them to the lung. It is estimated that the turbinates save mammals and birds about 75% of their daily water intake. Reptiles, amphibians and fish do not have these turbinates, because they lose very little moisture to the outside via breathing. Sneezing is one way to get rid of debris that is trapped within the turbinates. So reptiles, fish and amphibians do not sneeze. So far, all of the dinosaurs examined lack respiratory turbinates. So they were almost certainly ectothermic and they don’t sneeze either. Coughing is the body’s way of clearing debris and bacteria from the throat and lungs. Snakes apparently did not evolve the ability to cough either.
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