Can some one develop Dyslexia

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Dyslexia is not a disease. It is a condition that you are born with, and it often runs in families. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Is it possible to develop dyslexia in one’s adulthood??
YES : but only if trauma induced i.e TBI Traumatic Brain Injury due to a concustion to the head , the Human Brain is soft like a sponge and if compressed forward in the skull can effect many functions of the brain i.e. speech , sight , bala…

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Can dyslexia develop later in life?
Q: Hi:I was wondering if you can develop dyslexia later in life (late teens/ early twenties). I’ve never had issues with reading, writing or learning other languages (which I’ve read dyslexic people sometimes have issues with)…but lately I’ve actually spelled things backwards, missed words when writing and had issues with some advanced math. My math professor actually asked me if I had dyslexia (his daughter has it too and he found I made many mistakes similar to the ones she makes.)
A: I’ve heard of dyslexia being diagnosed lor recognized later in life, but I’ve never heard of anyone *developing* it after learning to read normally. Do you have any old assignments that you could look over? If your old stuff has the same kinds of errors as your new stuff, maybe you’re just more aware of a problem you’ve always had. But, if your recent work has more mistakes, I would definitely want to see an M.D. to rule out physical causes. It could also be possible that stress or too little sleep could cause these kinds of mistakes.Best wishes.
i want to know if my child could have some form of autisim , i have many questions, he has been delayed @ lots?
Q: he use to arch his back alot when he was a child and cried alot, and was diagnosed with failure to thrive soon after birth, he has been delayed at pretty much all of the normal mile stones, he developed a speech problem, and we have now since gotten tubes in his ears, because of repeted ear infections and so on, he is now 6 and is startng to finally recieve speech therapy at school, and they have also put him in occupational therapy, i dont understand why his doctors didnt notice that he needed some sort of thereapys instead of just acting like he was just a little slower the others, obviously he has some sort of diorder or disablilty, and i was wondering if some think s that he may have autism or maybe some thing like dyslexia, he has some of the signs from both, im not sure was is wrong with him, but i do know that he is different then others at his age, and there are things that he doesnt do that he should be able to at the this age, i have always noticed that something was different, but not sure, what , everyone just used to say he just a late bloomer, or hes a boy , they are more stubborn, well that s not the case he has somethng wrong, and i want to know what so i can help him, he has seen many doctors and know one has helped or acted as if he may have a disorder or learnign disabiity of some sort, if anyone has any suggestions please help i am very concened for him
A: Your description is vague. It sounds like he has a developmental delay. If he is on the autism spectrum his behaviour will need to be observed. Your route to assessment will depend on your country. Start by asking his headteacher/principal if he can be assessed, this may take a while but will need to be started ASAP. Find out where the educational psychologists are based and contact them directly (local council, SEN/ESE SPEC ED. Department in School district or County, the numbers will be online) and ask them how you as a parent go about getting him assessed. Even if he just has mild learning difficulties he will get maximum help and more funding for his education so it will be in every ones best interests, especially his.I just wanted to add that it sounds like he may have already been assessed. If you have a meeting or paperwork ask someone to write down what is being done to help him at school. Sometimes parents are completely lost in this process and get confussed by all the paperwork.
should i be playing with a left or right handed guitar?
Q: i write with my right hand, but i do everything with my left (hold a cricket bat, use scissors, pick up things, wear a watch on my right wrist, water the garden with my left hand, u know that kind of stuff). i was born left handed, but was made to write with my right hand, all thanx to my kindy teacher, which i really want to sue (but won’t cos thats just stupid), but since then, i’ve had ALOT of confusion, which i guess may not be the whole left/right thing, but something else. but i developed dyslexia really bad, that i cant do some stuff, like drive, and i have difficulty in other things. but anyways im learning the guitar, and i just bought a right hand one, cos apparently if im a lefty, i have more of an advantage or something, cos my left is stronger, and i’ve been practising for 6 months, and im still having some difficulty. i keep playing the wrong chords, my fingers slip, my right hand just doesn’t seem to be strumming properly. i’ve been playing piano for 15 years, and picked that up in a month (i was taught by the best though), now i play professionally, but i love the guitar & have this real genuine love for it, but it gets me so frustrated. so before i go out & either restring my guitar left hand style, or else buy another guitar incase the one i have can’t be restrung for left handed people, i need to know, do u think ill find it alot easier? i know all my chords & everything, but when playing them, my left fingers just cramp, and won’t sit where they’re suppose to, gosh piano is sooo much easier, at least all my fingers stay on their keys haha.
A: what feels – RIGHT to you?i am right handed and play orr chord with my left hand strum with the right….if you tap along to a song what hand do you use?thats the one to strum with – the mosty rhythm?
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