Can the energy drink Nos kill you

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Energy Drinks can be dangerous for those with heart disease, and it does raise your blood pressure, but no info on deaths from it. [ Source: ]
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Is there alcohol in Nos energy drink
There is no alcohol in Nos Energy drink. It has 110 Calories per 8 oz serving. It has 27 grams of carbohydrates – 26 of those coming from sugar. It contains 100% of the daily requirement of Vitamins C, B6 & B12. It is Fat free.
Does NOS energy drink have alcohol?
no Nos doesn’t have alcohol in it. I was wondering the same thing too b/c i’m always seeing it at parties, but no it doesnt have any. I think ppl just use it to make thier shots taste better.
How bad is NOS Energy Drink for me?
Each can is loaded with sugar and caffeine to provide instant energy. The warning label on a can of NOS reads: CAUTION: POWERFUL. Not recommended for children, pregnant women or people sensitive to caffeine. The first thing you see on the N…

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How many of these can you drink before it kills you?
Q: How many energy drinks could you drink before it stops your heart?On friday we went to th gas station and i bought 2 NOS’s, and i drank one, then the other, then i started drinking my friends because she gave it to me cuz it burned her throat. But i remebered you can’t drink to many, but I didn’t know about NOS. I know it would take 9 monsters to stop your heart or at least start shutting down your kidneys, but pastor cory [te guy that runs the club] did all this dding and crap and said one NOS equals 4 monsters….the rest of the night my heart felt all fluttery and crap. Can anyone find a wensite that shows me all this info? Ive been looking all day.sorry for all the misspells. I type so fast, and some of my keys have to be pushed on hard to type :]Yea they can kill you. They have alot of caffeinedrinking 47 cups of coffeee straight ca kill youno I’m not trying to kill myself. I just wanna know, so i don’t driink to many, Im addicted.I don’t want to wake up a dead from a heart attackor wake up in heaven or whateverYOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN
A: Try this website typed in 200 pounds and NOS and it said it would take 54.6 cans before you’d be pushing up daisies. Not sure how accurate it is, but it looks like a website to check out. I tried Monster and it would take 83 cans to take out a 200 pound person. There are a lot of untruths circulating around the Internet, the water cooler, and the lunch room so don’t believe everything you hear and read.
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