Can you break that down in to a language I can understand

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Ophthalmology is concerned with the structure and function of the eye and diseases that affect the structure and function. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you break that down in to a language I can understand
Ophthalmology is concerned with the structure and function of the eye and diseases that affect the structure and function. ChaCha!

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Do people seriously think high school language learning is “learning” the language?
Q: I find it kind of strange when after four years of learning language in high school, people can break down a verb 100 different ways but can’t function at all in a nation that speaks that language. They can’t understand hardly anything anyone is saying to them and their sentences make almost no sense. I know this because in my French class in high school most students were still literal babies in French even after four years. Fortunately I had French background due to a half-French mother speaking to me in French as a kid so I could understand but not speak the language very well. I just don’t understand a system where after four years you can barely do anything at all in the language. In contrast, I applied a much better method to learning Spanish on my own and now speak and UNDERSTAND the language much better than any school could have ever taught me. People, to learn languages effectively, you have to use the Antimoon method. Go to www.antimoon.comBefore anyone says it, this is not a commercial advertisement; Antimoon makes no money at all, they are a site written by two Polish guys who for free tell their method of learning English, and it definitely works. Also, none of this “we have to start learning as babies or we can’t learn” garbage. I started learning Spanish at the age of 20 and speak the language so well that the Mexican customs agents think I must have Mexican parents (which I don’t).wife2denizmoi, it should not take 4 years to become fluent in a language. The method used in high school is seriously flawed. Studying grammar is not necessary; I never studied grammar in Spanish but speak the language well because I received lots of input! Go read the antimoon site to see what I mean. I must complain because the quality of language learning in the nation is horrible, so stop telling me not to complain when we have a legitimate problem we must fix!
A: Have read the link you provided, it only confirms my firm believes that grammar use is terrible for those who are recently learning a language, and it is a gag that will never allow them to speak correctly. As you state, they learn all the grammar but can not say a single correct phrase. I teach English to immigrants in my country, I have found it best to have them learn with audio visual means, to write down what ever they need in phonetics and only when they can speak the language correctly, they will learn writing it with the use of practical grammar. I have been preparing my own teaching material and it has been quite time consuming, but now and thanks to your link I will get in touch with to see where I can buy or obtain their material. It will most certainly help. Thank you for the information.
when someone does not have a good grasp of the English language why do some people slam them down on here?
Q: Why do you find the need to make fun of that person? At lease they are trying to learn it, give them a break. For the most part you can ask them to re post the question in a better way or you can try to understand what they are saying. Lay off next time you see a posting with bad grammer please….I know I am going to try to.
A: GOOD POINT. I applaude you for your comments. I am a teacher, and you can imagine how messed up my kids would be if I slammed them for their mistakes. I am a teacher. And the teacher in me says that it is my duty to HELP and to TEACH whomever desires to learn. We learn grammar and the correct way to speak to perform in our work situations. My students still do not believe that they must learn several ‘stages’ of language in order to perfect themselves in the world. It’s a true fact – but my black students have their “lingo’ and ‘slang’ and that is the way they write. It is my obligation to help them learn if they want a good job, want to participate in this society as the “doctors’ and ‘lawyers’ they claim they want to be., they have to learn to speak, and write proper English. The same also goes for my white students – we all have issues and live in communities that do or don’t accept us. We all have to adjust and make our lives better. When I am in this forum, I try not to ‘slam’ people, but like you mentioned – ask the folks to try and re-word their comments so that others can understand.Thank you for your question. I truly believe that these kinds of questions help me in my study, and in my quest to be a better teacher.
I need help with english!?
Q: I think this is wow hard so can you help me out? I’ll give you 10 point i promise!!!! :)Here it is as in the questionSometimes you can determine the meanings of obsolete words by the context. Read the stanza from this ballad written in Scottish-English dialect in the 15th-century. Change it to modern English. You can probably figure out all of the words except erst (once) brand (sword), and gang (walk). Hints: roan is a color of horse; also, use the modern spelling of O (oh).”Why dois your brand sae drap wi bluid, Edward, Edward,Why dois your brand sae drap wi bluid.And why sae sad gang yee O?””O I hae killed my hauke sae guid, Mither, mitherO I hae killed my hauke sae guid,And I had nae mair bot hee O.””Your haukis bluid was nevir sae reid, Edward, Edward,Your haukis bluid was nevir sae reid,My deir son I tell thee O.””O I hae killed my reid-roan steid, Mither, mither,O I hae killed my reid-roan steid,That erst was sae fair and frie O.”A huge part of language is being able to communicate your thoughts well. If the other person does not understand what you are saying, then there is a break down in the language and no communication is happening. To use language in a helpful way, you must be clear in what you say. As different words have very specific connotations and denotations, you must be careful. The words that you choose can make the difference between successful, clear communication and unsuccessful, muddled communication. Keep working to be as selective as possible in your word choice so that your words actually communicate your thoughts.Translate the poem into modern, familiar English. Do a line-by-line translation, deleting the original lines as you progress.
A: “Why does your sword so drip with blood, Edward, Edward?Why does your sword so drip with blood.And why are you walking so sadly, oh?””Oh, I have killed my hawk so good,and I have no more but he, oh.””Your hawk’s blood was never so red, Edward, Edward,Your hawk’s blood was never so red,My dear son, I tell you, oh.””Oh, I have killed my red roan steed, Mother, Mother.Oh, I have killed my red-roan steed.That once was so fair and free, oh.”The poem this is from is “Edward, Edward,” and it is meant to be a conversation between a mother and a son. “Walking so sadly, oh” is a general expression of sadness, so it may otherwise be interpreted as “why are you so sad?” A red-roan steed is a red and white horse.
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