Can you drink mercury

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Mercury poisoning (also known as hydrargyria or mercurialism) is a disease caused by exposure to Mercury (a heavy metal) or its compounds. Some are sensory impairment, disturbed sensation & a lack of coordination. It can kill. [ Source: ]
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Can you drink mercury?
I was browsing the web and happened to stumble across this forum….and I would like to clear up some misconceptions about mercury. First of all, YES, you can drink mercury without too much harm if you take a few TUMS, although it really is…
What happens if you drink liquid mercury?
If too much Mercury is ingested, you will die.
Would you drink the mercury from a thermometer if you were dying …?
well, no, because i doubt it would quench it and that would just kill me anyway.

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How dangerous is mercury poisoning?
Q: What would happen if I drank the mercury from a thermometer? Would I die? How much mercury is too much? I heard that even if you inhale a little mercury, your teeth can fall out. Is this true? And if you already have mercury built up in your body, how do you get rid of it?
A: It is said that drinking or handling elemental mercury is somewhat harmless, due to mercury’s solid state… it would pass through the digestive system without being broken down by the body. However, the chance of breathing in mercury vapor/droplets, being that the mouth is just under the nose, is quite high and this is where the real danger exists. Also, you would have to break apart a thermometer to expose the mercury… this could be a process that would also release mercury droplets into the air to make them an airborne risk.Yes, inhaling elemental mercury can make your gums bleed and probably onset further infection/irratation to eventually having the teeth loosen. I wouldn’t worry about the teeth though, brain and other serious organ damage would likely occur. If in case of mercury poisoning, a level of body detox would be performed by medical procedures. But, it’s highly likely that damage would already be done. It all depends upon the “dose” of mercury inhaled and I’m not qualified to say what dose is relatively safe or not.
Why dont the global warming activists give up and just focus their efforts on cleaning up the environment?
Q: I understand ones desire to be proactive. I commend the people that can devote their time for a cause. But why attack our economy over a farce? Global pollution and contamination is the real problem. Hormones from BIRTH CONTROL in our drinking water. Mercury in ground water poisoning plant and animal life.Acid rain. Death of Honeybees. There are real problems out there. Things going wrong that neither political nor economical figures can deny. Its not worth ruining economic growth over the global warming fallacy. If you want to ruin the economy do it over something real, then I will agree.We cannot change the global climate changes. That is not change you can believe in. No amount of hope will change that.
A: Sorry, wrecking the economy is the main objective, we dont care about that other stuff.
can you accurately take your temp wit a mercury thermometer after smoking, eating, and drinking?
Q: my mother has told me you can’t since i was a child… is it true? she says the thermometer wont read accurately… but why? i can understand the food and drink may alter your temperature briefly, but what’s the reason as far as smoking?
A: I think the smoke has heat in it, that’s why.
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