Can you eat a bat

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The eating of giant fruit bats or “flying foxes” on the island of Guam is now blamed for causing one of the most baffling and disturbing epidemics ever- a sudden appearance of a Parkinson’s disease-like syndrome in the 1970’s. [ Source: ]
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Can you eat a bat?
noo you cant i love pasta and piza cookies mmmmmm bbbbbb
What do bats eat?
Bats eat mostly insects, fruits, flower nectar and in South America they will drink blood from cows. Bats are important in elimination over population of insects due to one bat can consume around 2,000 insects in an hour!
What do the vampire bat eat?
Vampire bats eat blood from living creatures.

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Can anyone help me find plans for constructing bat houses?
Q: I read an article in a local Co-op magazine a couple of years ago about how you can make bat houses that they can sleep in during the day, thus attracting them to your property. Bats eat extremely large quantities of mosquitos, and we would like to attract as many as possible to the area where we live. Does anyone have or know where I can get plans for one of these houses and instructions on properly locating them. Thanks…
Can a snake eat a bat?
Q: It’s a very simple question, but really now: who knows? (I hope you do.)Can a snake from some time of tropical rainforest eat a bat?
A: Yes, in fact, in some areas of the world snakes like Tree Pythons will wait by a cave’s entrance until dusk at which time the bats fly out. The python will concentrate on one and then reach out and grab one, right out of the air!!!It’s amazing.
Can you show me the work and answer for this problem?
Q: Suppose that each day a bat eats 1 more than twice the number of mosquitoes it ate on the previous days. If it ate 10 mosquitoes today, how many will it eat 5 days from now?
A: Hi,This data follows the formula y = 11/6x³- 11/2x² + 44/3x – 1. Five days from today would be 285 mosquitoes. I hope that helps!! 🙂
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