Can you go in a hot tub with UTI

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It isn’t recommended to go into a hot tub with a urinary tract infection. Lung infections (Legionnaire’s disease), urinary tract infections, and skin infections have been documented in hot tubs. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you go in a hot tub with UTI
It isn’t recommended to go into a hot tub with a urinary tract infection. Lung infections (Legionnaire’s disease), urinary tract infections, and skin infections have been documented in hot tubs. ChaCha!
Can women go in a hot tub while having a urinary tract infection??
Yes, you can. The bacteria won’t spread that way, unless you pee into it perhaps. I do recommend drinking a lot of water and peeing before going into the tub beforehand though.
Can you get a Urinary Tract infection from sex in a hot tub??
It depends on the hygeine of the person or the tub. I have once recieved a urinary tract infection from a non disinfected jacuzzi. I thought it was clean since my mom usually cleaned it. I could not see any dirt or germs since the tub was b…

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I’m so distressed. Can’t stop crying, please help me?
Q: A few years ago, I got a really bad kidney infection when I was still living at home with my parents at the age of 16. My mother, being who she is, refused to take me anywhere or to even go buy me cranberry juice to help me get better. I ended up having my grandma get me some and it seemed to have went away. Then I ran away from home last April when I was 17. I started having sex atleast three times a day with my boyfriend who was a virgin when I got with him. (So no STD’s). I have been checked numerous times for HIV thanks to free health clinics refusing to transcript patient recores. >:( So yeah, I have never had a call back or been told I have HIV, so I’m disease free to.I have been raped twice in my life before my boyfriend, once by my first boyfriend, without a condom, and another time by our ex roomate when my boyfriend had left for a weekend and couldn’t take me because his mom had no room for me, this guy wore a condom. Both times however I panicked and made sure to check myself out, still nothing.I only just started to have burning pee sensations like a UTI last summer. I would just drink some cranberry juice and soak in a hot tub till the pain went away, and then usually fixed it.Well, then over Christmas and New Years eve, we were at my boyfriend’s parents house for a month or so…this is when things got really bad.I drank lots and lots of tea, and two cups of coffee up there, but I thought I was drinking enough tea to keep me well hydrated.I still been having lots of sex with my boyfriend, and doing the same things I’ve been doing. But then I let him cum in me on Christmas night. I woke up the next morning, went to pee, felt fine then BAM! Right when my bladder was almost completely empty it felt like someone had taken a seraded knife and shredded all up and down in my urethra tube and squished my bladder and wouldn’t let it go. I screamed out loud and gripped the toilet bowl and dug my nails into and started crying. I wiped, looked at the toilet after I stood up and it was very cloudy and yellowish gray color, and had this awful awful ammonia like smell.I told his mom about it and she told me to drink lots of water, and I did. It kept getting worse though. WAY WORSE.A week later my back was killing me and I couldn’t even go in public cause I was crying so much from the pain.My boyfriend took me across the street from his parents’ house to a health clinic, and they could see me clearly crying from pain and him red in the face from being frustrated and she says “The new patient cost is $100 and we have to have proof from the social security office that you are unemployed first” I was so upset, I was only 17 and how was I going to go and do that in the state I was in?I ended up having to deal with this for another week before we could come home to go to my free health clinic.When we got home I called and the appointment lady at the front desk told me she couldn’t fit me in for another TWO WEEKS. So I asked to be forwarded to a nurse, told the nurse, she put the phone down then came back five minutes later and said to come the next day.So I went, peed in a cup, they told me they couldn’t tell if it was just a UTI or a Kidney infection, so they gave me a Septra prescription.I took it for 10 days, and dealt with the horrible nausea side effect along with it.I felt SOOOO MUCH BETTER AFTERWARDS THOUGH!That was in January..Guess what? I’ve been keeping myself well hydrated now, and not with tea. I’ve been drinking only 2 cups of coffee a morning, A tall glass of juice, a tall glass of cranberry juice, and two cups of water. I was doing great! Sex was great, everything!HERE IT IS FEBRUARY GUESS WHAT HAPPENS!!!Valentine’s Day, I let boyfriend cum in me, Sunday I am in pain again.WHAT THE HELL? I have been keeping well hydrated, I took the full course of antibiotics, and this crap happens AGAIN.I also found out Tuesday of this week that my boyfriend has went without a shower for over a week. That pissed me off real bad too, cause he doesnt wear a condom and he’s been all up in me while he’s dirty!!!I’m so distressed, this pain is fucking unbearable. Excuse my language but please can someone tell me what this is?Now my boyfriend is taking a shower EVERY day like he used to, I told him he has to if he wants any.Okay, so now I’m experiencing that painful aftermath from urinating, not during, but when the bladder empties it hurts like hell, bad smell, and now since yesterday and today I’ve noticed after I pee, now my vagina is starting to itch at the opening and inside of teh opening, accompanied by sharp pains in the vagina and abdominal pain.:( Im so distressed, I’ve being crying like a baby I feel so odd and abnormal and like a freak, I feel bad for my boyfriend, how he has a broken and sexually dysfunctional girlfriend, I’m so scared that this pain will never cease, and that I may end up dying or never having his children in the future.IIncase it helps I did change my bodywash from Bath and Body Works to Tone, is that why I’m itching maybe?Is it a UTI? Is it a Kidney infection, or is it possible PID or something else? Can you even have PID without it being cause by STD? :(I just want to rip my entire pelvic organs out….And the reason why Im asking on here is because the free health clinic I go to always says “nothing is wrong” or “we dont know if its this or this” and I want to see if someone else has had this before and knows what it is or if someone else just knows anyways.Do you recommend I spend my first paycheck on going to a Gyno or continue going to my free health clinic?Sorry it was so long. I just want to feel better. 🙁
A: I am not a Doctor and all I can say is that I feel for you. It must be awful to suffer as much as you have. I find it amazing that you have been left untreated for so long. Please don’t go through this hell any longer and pay for some intelligent treatment. All your symptoms sound very similar to what my sister related to me when she was suffering from something called Cystitis. She was in agony as well.She said that her doctor had given her a list of treatments and advice including Taking frequent fluids, mainly water. Antibiotics Empty bladder when you have the urge – don’t hold it in. Avoid caffeine – found in tea, coffee or sodas. Take Bicarbonate of soda – helps reduce acidity of urine Avoid having sex Don’t use tampons Don’t eat hot spicy foods I also found this website that seems to have lots of useful information about urinary infections and it may be helpful until you can get some proper medical help and then I am sure you will get better soon. Cheer Up!
Can this be a Urinary Tract Infection?
Q: Friday night i had sex in a hot tub. Then sunday when i was going out to dinner my upper thighs ached alot. I thought it was from walking all day in the mall. But then when i woke up monday ive been having cramps ever since and my thighs still ache. Its now tuesday and i still have cramps and my legs still hurt. I know its also ovulation time but it doesnt feel like ovulation cramping. Could i have gotten a UTI? My pee is very yellow also and its been like that for a few days. What do you think? I have a Dr appointment tomorrow. Has this happened to anyone, with leg aches and cramps?
A: That is strange that your legs ached and you have cramps. I’ve had a few but never had that. Just felt like I had to pee every 2 secs and it was dark almost brown and very strong and it burned.
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