Can you state 3 reasons why one should not drink alcohol

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Excess alcohol can increase your risk of liver disease, high blood pressure, and heat failure. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you state 3 reasons why one should not drink alcohol
Excess alcohol can increase your risk of liver disease, high blood pressure, and heat failure. Thanks for asking ChaCha!

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Can someone read my speech and politely tell me what you think?
Q: We have heard various reasons why we should and shouldn’t lower the legal drinking age. Our side has explained that by lowering the drinking age creates hazardous problems to a teens’ health and also, we give power to teens who are not as responsible as most people have thought them to be. According to public opinion polling, most Americans oppose lowering the federally mandated minimum drinking age to 18 from 21, which breaks down to 78% opposing, 21% favoring and 1% with no response (“Minimum Drinking Age”). With this in mind, one cannot say that the vast majority of Americans want the drinking age to be lowered. A teens’ brain is not something to mess with since it is still developing. As stated by Cynthia Kuhn, “It is no accident that people are educated in our society during their early years when they have more capacity for memory and learning. However, with this added memory capacity may come additional risks associated with the use of alcohol (Brennfleck Shannon).” Our brains believe it or not, are still developing and to introduce alcohol to a still developing brain can cause learning impairments that affects academic and occupational achievement as well as short-term memory loss (“Underage drinking…”). The minimum age drinking laws were established to save your brain and life (Brennfleck Shannon). Lowering the drinking age would make more alcohol purchased legally at 18, which causes an increase in availability to younger teens, some of which are just learning to drive. Inexperienced drivers and alcohol are a dangerous mix (“Would an age 18…”). Adolescents already are at an increased risk due to their lack of driving experience, and drivers younger than 21 are more vulnerable than older drivers to the impairment of driving skills. The rate of fatal crashes due to alcohol between ages 16 and 20 is more than twice the rate than drivers 21 and older (“Underage Drinking…”).Furthermore; teens at the age of 18 are not that responsible to consume alcohol legally. We often hear the phrases, “If I can vote, go to war, legally get married, etc. then I should be able to drink alcohol.” And that is true however; different activities are suitable for people at certain ages. The minimum age for ignition is based on the specific behaviors involved and must take into account the dangers and benefits of that behavior at a given age. The age 21 policy takes into account the fact that underage drinking is related to numerous serious health problems such as death, car crashes, suicide, homicide, assault, and even drowning. 1/3 of teen car crashes is alcohol related (Brennfleck Shannon). As for the war issue, the military recruits teens because teens are not fully developed and can be molded into soldiers. Drinking is more dangerous for teens because teens are still developing; they lack experience and are more likely to take risks (Voas). We also hear about the Europeans being able to consume alcohol at an early age and don’t have any alcohol-related problems, but this assumption is a myth. Binge drinking is higher in Europe than is the United States among teenagers, with some countries are more than twice as liable for alcohol intoxication (Voas). In European countries, the rates of alcohol-induced diseases such as cirrhosis of the liver are higher than the United States and drunk driving in European countries among teenagers is not an issue since European youth obtain their drivers’ licenses at an older age (Toomey). Look at the mall and cell phone policy, teens are not responsible enough to control themselves and consequently caused the new restrictions placed on teenagers shopping at the mall and not being able to use our cell phones during school. For that reason, if we as teenagers continue to act child-like then we will continue to be treated as children in the eyes of the adults, so why not start thinking about our actions first before we start changing the legal drinking age.
A: it is very good and informative. nice work putting it all together.
Should the following topics be under state rights, and not Federal Law?
Q: It seems to me that alot of topics that the government has no involvement in are showing up right on their doorstep wrapped up in a pretty bow, with a legislature attached to them saying “Please make this a law based on your opinion”.Of course, many of you may think that I am just simply speaking about Gay Rights. I am, but it is not the only one.1. Gay Rights: Why would this even qualify as a need to be a federal law? I have many issues on this topic, mostly for the reason of “Separation of Church and State”, but it should also be a matter for states to decide only. If a state bans Gay Marriage, they can just go to a different state to get married. 2. Alcohol laws: I am not just speaking of age limit for drinking, but more or less the most annoying law in the entire country (that was put up for federal law consideration), the “Before Noon” Alcohol purchase laws in several states. People rallied this under a federal law, but thankfully it was declined.3. Marijuana: This should be a completely state only law. California has tight restrictions on it, but I still believe this should be a matter left only for the states.4. Education: Unfortunately, this is the only law that I am actually in agreement on, but I am posting here for the fact that this was argued for so long as a state right only. And they do have valid points too, if a state is below standards, it will only affect college inductees. Not to mention the worlds view on how intelligent we are. If a state is below standard, people can just move to a different state.4. Random Topic, was highly controversial: Assisted Suicide: This is in my earnestness a completely state topic. If someone really wants to kill themselves, make them file a months worth of paperwork, travel across the country to a state that supports it, and allow them. By the time all the stuffs been filled out and everything, they may have changed their minds.So, how is your standing on State vs Federal on these above said topics/any else you can come up with?Watchful Occupier: I know, wouldnt it? I think this is a question EVERYONE should read.djinnsterr: Very interesting topic… But then again, that would have involved with the Unalienable rights, which would mean the 1960’s would have been federally enforced anyway..But then again I go against my own topic… Nice counter-point.
A: I agree with most of your points. However, I do believe that gay rights should be enforced by the federal government and not left up to the states. Gays should have the same rights as all other Americans, and it shouldn’t be up to the states to decide whether gay rights should be enforced or not. I understand why churches will refuse to allow gays to be married, but civil unions should be allowed in all 50 states. States can be very discriminatory in nature, think about it. If we had left minority rights up to the states do you think that states like Mississippi or Alabama would have extended equal rights and protection under the law for blacks during the 1960s? I highly doubt it. We are supposed to be a fair and equal society, how would it be fair to the gay community if they are treated unequally across the United States? It wouldn’t be.
Am I a good writer, I’m 16 and not sure if I should become a writer?
Q: Here’s a piece I wrote:Congratulations it’s your 18’Th birthday you are a legal adult! Look at all of the things you can do; vote, get married, join the army, buy property, get a tattoo, adopt a child, make your own medical decision, and legally own a gun. Go out and have a drink with your best friends and celebrate! Wait… You can’t legally drink alcohol, but you are mature enough to choose the government, decide who you want to spend the rest of your life with, defend your country by putting your life on the line, permanently alter the state of your body, take on the responsibility of another human life, decide what medications you do and don’t want to take, and legally own a weapon that can kill people. Wow that seems like you would need to be really mature, but you can’t go out and have a beer with your friends on a Saturday night, ridiculous… right? The United States is only one of four countries with the minimum drinking age of 21; there are approximately 20 states that have no drinking age at all. That’s 5 times the amount of states that have a legal drinking age of at least 21! One theory is that an 18 year olds body is not developed enough to handle alcohol. Yes, it is true that your body does change as it ages. When you are 18 it is different from when you are 21 but it is also different and more “developed” when you are 56, so since we are more mature at 56 than 21 should that be the legal drinking age? So it’s your 21’st birthday and you can now legally drink, there is no magical change that happens in your body that makes it ready for alcohol. Let’s face it most people have taken a drink before the age of 21; I know I have and I bet you had a drink before your 21’st birthday too. In fact, in 2005, about 10.8 million people in the United States ages 12-20 (28.2% of this age group) reported drinking alcohol in the past month. Nearly 7.2 million (18.8%) were binge drinkers, and 2.3 million (6.0%) were heavy drinkers. These numbers are probably shocking to adults, but to teenagers they are probably a little lower than what you expected right? I believe that the reason that alcohol is so tempting to teens is because it’s forbidden. It’s human nature to want what we can’t have, just think back to the story of Adam and Eve from the bible, they weren’t supposed to eat the fruit, it was forbidden, but that probably made that apple 10 times better to Adam when he ate it. If the drinking age was lowered to 18 by the time a teen would want to drink, let’s say 15, they would most likely think; “Well, it’s only 3 more years, I’d rather not be a criminal and just wait 3 years”. But know a 15 year old thinks “Well, jeez 6 years, I need to at least try it; I can’t possibly wait 6 years to drink, seriously”. Okay so for arguments sake let’s just say that they think we are mature enough and that they just want to lower drunk driving deaths. There have been statistics thrown out there saying how the lower drinking age has saved “countless lives”, these numbers are not scientific and are just estimated. The truth is since the 80’s education has increased and people are more informed than ever. So there has been talk about a “drinking license” where if you were below 21 and wanted to drink you would have to take a class on responsible alcohol consumption, which sounds cool to me. Why not be informed on what you are putting in your body and be aware of how to do it responsibly. The reality of it is even though the legal drinking age is 21, that is not the average age that people take there first sip of alcohol. Three out of every four students (75%) have consumed alcohol (more than just a few sips) by the end of high school, about two fifths of students (41%) have consumed alcohol (more than just a few sips) by 8th grade, and More than half (58%) of 12th graders report having been drunk at least once in their life. One fifth (20%) of 8th graders report having been drunk at least once in their life. These numbers are not going to decrease; they’re just going to keep growing. The media glorifies alcohol and its effects. I my self was even told by a teacher that it was normal to drink in high school, that’s what the reality of our country is I truly believe that if at 18 you are responsible enough to go to war and risk your life you are more the mature enough to drink alcohol. So kids are not changing for the laws, so maybe we should change the laws for the kids.I would love your opinions not only on the issue but the writing
A: The writing isn’t bad. I felt it was kind of hard to read with all of the statistics and there are a few mechanical errors here and there. Good topic, but the writing style seems a bit amateur.Are you thinking about being a journalist or an author? This piece would be on the right track for a journalist. If you’re looking to be an author, try writing something more creative, and use less facts.
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