Can you you get she me psoriasis

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Psoriasis is a common skin disease that affects the life cycle of skin cells. The cause of psoriasis is related to the immune system, and more specifically, a type of white blood cell called a T lymphocyte or T cell. [ Source: ]
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Can you you get she me psoriasis
Psoriasis is a common skin disease that affects the life cycle of skin cells. The cause of psoriasis is related to the immune system, and more specifically, a type of white blood cell called a T lymphocyte or T cell.

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How can you tell when got psoriasis?
Q: near the end of the palm of my hand stays real red my mother notice my hand was real red lastnight she told me psoriasis was developing on my hand. I also have a friend who has got this skin condition is it contagious.
A: Psoriasis is not contagious. It’s a common chronic skin disorder. The red patches have a well defined border covered by thick, dry silvery/gray scales. These lesions can appear anywhere on the body but are more common on extensor surfaces (backs of arm and hands), bony areas, scalp, ears, genitalia and the perianal area. A red area on the palm of the hand is unlikely to be psoriasis.Run a search for “psoriasis” and check out websites that offer photographs. Compare your red area to the photos and read about this condition to learn more.
Our 12 yr old daughter, what would you do?
Q: I was scolding my 12 yr old step-daughter today about leaving a mess all over the floor, she has psoriasis & we are all very understanding of that & a certain amount of it she can’t help but she will sit there & pick all her skin off & throw it on the floor & there will be big piles of it everywhere. Which also mean everyone else has to walk in it, not to mention I have a toddler, which you might imagine that situation can be gross. I’m scared she going to eat it or drop her food in it or something. It gets all over her because she is playing on the floor. Anyway, I asked her why she keeps doing this after we’ve told her not too She said, “I’m not” then “Idk” then turns on the vaccum while I’m talking to her & after I get hyped up & yell at her she starts smirking & I’m like, Do You think this is funny, are you laughing?” & she just starts laughing at me? I’ve grounded her for a week but I’m am getting agitated, she lies to me about other crap too. What can I do?I’m also 5 months pregnant & have a two yr old, I am so tired & feel like crap.I’ve already told her all of those things, I’ve told her if she’s going to do it clean up after herself, she doesn’t till I remind her 50 times, I’ve told her if she’s going to do it put it on or in something & throw it away. She has some medicine to help & I understand that a certain amount can’t be helped (like her shedding) but what about when she goes to her friends house? That’s really rude of her to be doing that all over somebody else’s house & if she’s not consious of it, she will.
A: Ok, that is really nasty. I mean, it’s not like you go blowing your nose and leaving the tissues all over her room – you respect her space and she needs to respect the common ground the family shares, especially the areas where there are small children. Just telling her and grounding her obviously isn’t working – what you need are immediate, uncomfortable consequences that will make an impression. I’m not a fan of spanking, especially a child this age, but you know what? If I looked up and my toddler had a mouthful of someone else’s picked off skin, I would so totally whoop the offender’s behind until THAT skin was so sensitive she couldn’t sit down. But then again, this is your step-child, and you probably shouldn’t go there. Your husband could, though – and probably should if nothing else is getting through to her. Her disrespect of you should be addressed by your husband, too. She’s not going to listen to you saying, “Respect me” because she already doesn’t.
Do any other moms feel like they are going to pull out their hair?
Q: I at home with my 12 year old step-daughter because she has severe psoriasis & we are home-schooling her until she gets better. I also have a two year old toddler & I am five months pregnant. My two year old is irritating because she is going through the terrible twos & her tantrums are better but she’s still a two yr old if you know what I mean. Her screaming is getting on my nerves & with my pregnancy & migraines it’s not real pleasant. My 12 yr old is constantly looking for something to be over dramatic about & if she can’t find something she will create it it, half the time I don’t know if she’s lying to me or telling me the truth. I feel I have to stay on top of her about every little thing just like I do my two year old. Anybody else irritated about anything? Sorry if I’m cranky.
A: Oh sweetie, you sure do sound super stressed out.Two year olds, just think they will be three soon, sometimes not soon enough, but you will get through it. As for the step daughter, it’s tough to home school. Why does she feel like she needs the extra attention. maybe sit down with her and try to figure out what is really bothering her. She may be feeling left out with the new baby coming. Ask your husband for a nice day out. Tell him it’s needed. Your 5 months and going to have 3 running around soon. Take a day go shopping, spend it at the spa, just relax outside the home. It can really rejuvenate your senses.Good Luck, Don’t pull your hair out, it takes awhile to grow back =)
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