Can your pours bleed? And why do they

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There are very serious disease states that cause bleeding from pores. If the bleeding area is very small, it would not hurt to wait until morning, but if not, you could be bleeding internally also. [ Source: ]
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Can your pours bleed?
There are very serious disease states that cause bleeding from pores. If the bleeding area is very small, it would not hurt to wait until morning, but if not, you could be bleeding internally also.
What is wrong with me i bleed out my tummy pours?
Yea, that’s something people like to call a “Hickey”. When one sucks on the skin, the pores open up from the pressure and moisture. It’s definitely not something you want to continue doing. Those marks can take some time to fade a…
Will these dyes work in melt and pour soaps? Will they bleed??
Yes. Our dyes will work in melt and pour soaps and they will bleed over time. You may want to check out our new line of NON BLEEDING colorants for melt and pour soaps. They’re called Peacock M&P.

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What do think of my little poem I just wrote?Your opinion on it please?
Q: VentriloquistWhen the pain is far behindWe dream of our days(Spirits rising and falling)Look back on what we’ve doneSave the tears for another time(Fill up with sorrow, pour it back out)Bleed it away,Try to kill what pain you can,(It won’t hurt when its the only thing you’ve felt)When the pain is far behindWe take pity on the razor blade(But you fall into yourself)Bask in Crimson SilenceTalk to your Schizophrenic self(We’re all alone now)What did they do to you?Made you break,Made you cry,(Look at what you’ve done)When the pain is far behind,Don’t be afraid,Don’t look away or hide,(Why should you?The spotlight is calling)Shall we stay here?Laugh with ourselves?But….You’re all alone. I’m fake.Copyright,Please don’t steal my poem… By Kourtney Painter
A: I thought the ventriloquist/internal voice in parentheses was an interesting twist. I don’t think it was enough to make anyone steal your poem though. That poem has already been written 40 million times.
Why is he being so insensitive?
Q: We just had a baby on the 10th. She is a beautiful baby girl with a head full of hair. Ever since I had her I think I have been suffering from post partum depression. I cry every day and feel hopeless. It’s hard to be happy about anything. I can’t breastfeed so I pump. I thought it was the next best thing but when I go to the doctors they make me feel bad about it. Saying things like, “why dont you give it another try” and “breastfeeding is the best thing you can do for your baby, you get more bonding…” Yah let them put up with bleeding nipples and a biting baby. Plus crying from the pain doesn’t help me to bond with my baby. It makes me want her away from me while I get my head back together. Then I feel bad when she tries to mouth my breast when I hold her. I’m not good at baby talk and her dad is the only one who can truly sooth her. I feel ike a bad mother. And I feel even worse for feeling hopeless and wanting to give up. I would never give up on her I love her too much but I can’t stop feeling like this. My boyfriend (the baby daddy) sees me like this and knows I cry but he just makes rude comments like “I can already tell your going to have a bad day by the ugly look on your face”, “I could be just like you, I could be all depressed” ,”You know when you act like that it effects other people”, “You have attachment issues sometimes I worry…”. Last night my tear down there was stinging because I overdid it and then was sweating. (it was a hot night) I told him when the baby was starting to fuss and he said, “So convenientley now it’s hurting” I replied with “I don’t give a s**t if you don’t f***ing believe me, it hurts!” Then this morning I tried to explain that I was hurting so bad because the sweat combined with my tear felt like pouring salt on a wound. He relpied with, “Gross” and walked out of the room. I not only feel like crap but I feel alone in this. I hate feeling so alone I really need comfort. I just want him to hold me and let me know he cares. I love him so it hurts when he is so impersonal. Like he is pushing me away. I just want to be close. Sometimes I feel like he is keeping me close but not too close. Close enogh to not want to give up but far enough away to not want to expose myself completely. If that make sense. What are your thoughts on this? Why is he being so insensitive? BTW sorry for the length. No rude comments please, don’t kick me when I’m down.
A: I somewhat know how you are feeling, just talk to him, let him know that right now you are going through a lot, if you don’t want to have this conversation ( in case its to emotional) then ask him to go with you to your next appointment that way you can talk to the doctor about your post p. and he can check out your tear at the same time, let him know that its been burning at night. You are not being weird he is probably just going through a lot as well becoming a dad and dealing with emotions from you that up until now he probably hasn’t seen from you. Just give it time and all will be better, also let the doctor know why you are breast feeding, don’t let them make you feel bad either, at least you are pumping some mothers don’t even do that, they start there babies on formula right off the bat. I am sure you are a good mother, just give yourself some time sweetie.
I wrote these songs when i got bored, what do you think about them?
Q: Song 1:All that I wish for, all that I need,No matter what it can never be.You’re with her now, you’re in love.The stars shine from the night above,But it means nothing with out you.I want it to be just us two.So I’m sitting here starring out my window,Thinking ‘bout you wishing you were near now.I want your arms to be my home.I want you to be my own.I want you all to myself,But she gets you all to herself.I want to be held in your sweet embrace,Always be able to look into your face.I dream about it just being you and me,But then I open up my eyes and see,You’re with her now, and you want to beWhat would make me think you’d want me.But every moment we’re apart,Tears a hole in my heart.So I’m sitting here starring out my window,Thinking ‘bout you wishing you were near now.Thoughts of you linger in my mindI think about you all the time.You make my heart beat faster and faster,As you get closer and closerBut then I see the two of you together,And then I feel my burning anger.So I’m sitting here starring out my window,Thinking ‘bout you, wishing you were near now.All that I wish for, all that I need,No mater what it can never be.Song 2:Blood streams down my wrists,Like the tears from my eyes.I tried to warn you, you did not listen,So now I show you with my life.I lay here on the floor, like the dead.My blood pouring from my wrists.I can feel the darkness coming,Death’s door is opening.I’ve shed my blood,I’m filled with regret.My anger fueled me,My blood soon leaves me.I can feel my heart beat slowerSleep is calling but I fight it.Why do I bother fighting, it’s already done.There is little blood left to bleed.Why did I do this?A voice inside me screams.I don’t know, I whisper out loud.But it’s too late to go back now.I’ve shed my blood,I’m filled with regret.My anger fueled me,My blood soon leaves me.My blood pools on the floor,My still body next to it.My heart, it stops beating,The darkness comes, takes me away.The blood streamed down my wrists,Like the tears I’d shed long ago.I had warned them, they did not listen,So I showed them with my life.I have shed my blood,I’m no longer filled with regret.My anger no longer fuels me,But my blood still left me.There’s no going back,At least not for me.I wish for you to live on,Even though I am gone.
A: wow.. very deep for the first one i love the part “sweet embrace” i just love the word embrace.and the second one sounds dark and depressing. more then the first one.
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