Could it be a sexual disease

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It could be an STD. However you cannot urinate a hair. Your body cannot digest hair. ChaCha on! [ Source: ]
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Could it be a sexual disease
It could be an STD. However you cannot urinate a hair. Your body cannot digest hair. ChaCha on!
What is sexual transmitted disease?
Click this link,there is a lot to read on this subject.
What are sexual transmitted disease?
It’s a sexually transmitted disease. The definition is in the name you stupid or something?

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How could you get a sexual disease even in the following situations?
Q: Is it possible to get a sexual disease by having unprotected sex, even if both:Don’t have a diseaseIsn’t sickAnd basically they are both healthy in general, could they still get it and if so how?
A: There are STDs that you can get without having sex. Herpes, Genital Lice, trichamoniasis can all be transmitted non-sexually (kissing, wet towels, same bed/couch). With Herpes, Chlamydia, and GC, you can get them from having unprotected sex with someone who has it but doesn’t know it (MOST people who have Herpes don’t know it, half of people with Chlamydia and GC don’t have symptoms), but they have to have them. You CAN get genital lice from a toilet seat or sleeping naked in the bed of someone else who has it.Trichamoniasis can be transmitted from wet towels (although this is very uncommon). So yes, you can get STDs from having unprotected sex with people who THINK they don’t have it, but no if they don’t have it you didn’t get it from them. If neither of you have an STD then there is no risk of getting one, but since 25% of the population has herpes there is a 50/50 chance that one of you already has an asymptomatic STD. Last thing, if you had unprotected sex with them and you have it, they most likely have it too (they just may not know it).If both of you have negative tests for HIV, Syphilis, GC, Chlamydia, and herpes you are pretty safe.
The condom broke and the next day me and my bf had pimples around our genitals. Could it be a sexual disease?
Q: My bf had his analysis done but after that his ex cheated on him so he isn’t sure if he’s clean or not. And I had unprotected sex with an Afro-American six months ago. But he said he was healthy; besides, he is the father of a healthy child.
A: Ok the condom broke and you BOTH seen pimples the next day.. 1. A broken condom can cause pubic hair to be pulled out, which will look like pimples.2. Did either one of you consider the fact that perhaps your allergic to the latex that the condoms are made out of? Resulting in a pimply type rash after usage.3. STD’s have an incubation period. For something to show up on the both of you the Following Morning is medically unlikely unless you Both defy the laws of medicine and viral/bacterial incubation period time frames.4. Like the one commentor put it DO NOT trust anyone who says they are clean. Today’s day and age STD’s have peaked higher then back when I was a teen to mid 30’s.. Unless they have proof to show you or have done the testing w/you there at the doctors office, always use protection even though it’s NOT 100% effective against pregnancy. 5. If both you and your boyfriend are that concerned about this, you both go and get tested, this way you both will have your results at the same time. Then whatever the results are you take it from there. 6. Just because someone HAS a healthy child does not mean that child is NOT a carrier.
London clinics for sexual disease for MEN?
Q: I’m pretty lost and embarass to say, I’m travelling in london and had my first sex with a woman last week, today I just had my second time and both times I used condoms. I just started to feel little “burning-like” feeling near the head of my penis, I’m worried about HIV/sexual disease, but could it be just that its the normal feeling being that Its the very first time for my penis’s muscle/tissue or some sort of condom-related(discomfort after use)? Am i being too nervious? Should i give it a day or two to see if the burning-pain goes away?I know i should see a doctor but im a travaller with limited $$, anyone can suggest me a clinic that I can go to for this and the average cost ? (im located in central london near knightsbridge)im so scared now…
A: hi, don’t worry its probably nothing, if you would like a std check, go to either university college hospital, or royal free hospital, both in central and north west London, there is no place in London to get same day checks anymore, but it will only take about 1 day to get an appointment
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