Do teeth decay in acid

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Yes, teeth will decay in acid. If you have Acid Reflux Disease it can rot your teeth. [ Source: ]
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Do teeth decay in acid
Yes, teeth will decay in acid. If you have Acid Reflux Disease it can rot your teeth.
How to Prevent Tooth Decay, Cavities and Acid Wear
・ 1 Brush your teeth for a full 2 minutes. Electric tooth brushes are the best – and some even have timers… ・ 2 Rinse for 30 seconds with a fluoride mouth wash after brushing. Do not eat or drink anything for 30… ・ 3 Rinse your mouth wi…
Are lumineers, or maybe porcelain veneers, good for rewhitening t…?
Most often teeth that have darkened from acid reflux or from drinking red wine are not decayed, just eroded and stained. If you visit a dentist who says the teeth are decayed, the decay must be removed before or during the whitening process…

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How do I explain the acid reaction of tooth decay to children in year 4?
A: RC Cola + a penny + 1 week.After a week, the penny will dissolve. Tell the kids that the same thing in the RC Cola that made the penny dissolve will do the same thing to your teeth unless you brush.
How does teeth decay occur. I know from lack of good hygiene but seriously.?
Q: I have problems with my teeth, as everyone else does; but, my enamel tends to break at the gum line. I know this is bad, but the most dental visits that i can remember is 6-10. I dont have all the money in the world to spend a fortune on my teeth because I am trying to get through college. Anywho, my dentist said that he was not going to do any work to my teeth unless i started a diet analysis. I have cut down on drink and sugar, but is that nessasary? I mean, i brush my teeth morning and night. Could there be anything such as bad teeth genes? He said no, but I don’t know. Or is he saying that he sugar and carbonated drinks produce a certain type of acid in your body that hurts your teeth? I have no idea and would like some great help.. Please.. Thanks…
A: yeah i here you with the money issue it gets expensive but a have a few things to suggest mouthwash is a great thing i personally like Crest mouthwash due to it doesn’t have the burn that the other brand does but still works just as good and of course brush your teeth in the morning after breakfast not when you wake up because you brush your teeth at night before you go to bed and the toothpaste i recommend is Colgate sense your enamle is rough then use Colgate Luminous its great for enamle rebuilding,well of course cugar is not the best thing for your teeth but its not just sugar its a combination of things like eating candy and not brushing . now also keep in mind some people have weak teeth you can get it from your father or mother its where your teeth just aren;t as strong as they should be. but i can thell you what i did ,,when i was young i never really took care of my teeth and then when i was about 17 i had to go and have too teeth extracted do to they had rotten i just let them go over my younger years and even thought when i was about 15 i cracked down and really started taking care of them it was too late but the best thing is to go see the dentist i paid 60 and why i say that is go there and tell them i want to know whats going on and what needs to be done also i ahd xrays taken and that was included in the 60 and once i new what i ahd to do i just did it one step at a time and if your do have cavities then have them filled its alot nicer to have the tooth there and not have to pull one. i hope i was some help and i wish you the best
Do other soft drinks decay teeth the way Coke does?
Q: well… I’m trying to help keep whiter and better teeth, so I stopped drinking coke excessively, and I’m wondering if it’s mainly the citric acid in Coke that dissolves teeth so seriously… For example, is Canada Dry ginger ale any worse or better for your teeth or not? Any recomended drinks that won’t destroy my teeth would be appreciated, other than all that diet and sugar/cafeine-free bullsh*t.
A: seabass- I am a dental professional and I can tell you that most soft drinks are the same. Root beer and Coke/Pepsi have shown to have the most damaging effects. Yes it is citirc acid that causes the PH in your mouth to drop and then makes your teeth volnerable to the bacteria in your mouth. Even drinks like juice, Milk, diet soda, gatorade, propell, ect. have citric acid in them. Water is really the only safe drink to sip on all day long. Soda and the other drinks are safe to have once in awhile or with a meal, but can harm teeth if they are sipped on. I hope this helps!
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