Do they give you a pap smear at meps

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At MEPS, or Military Entrance Processing Station, they do not give you a pap smear, but they do check for pregnancy and diseases. [ Source: ]
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Does the doc at meps do a pap smear?
No pap smear, no full pelvic exam.

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For women who have been through MEPS?
Q: For any women who have been through meps, do you recall being asked when your last pap smear was? I know they ask if you’ve ever had an abnormal pap, but if they do ask you when your last pap smear was do you have to give them the information on which medical office you had it done at, or just a simple date for when you had it and leave it at that?
A: I just gave a date of last pap and menstrual cycle.
Can a female Marine please answer this!?
Q: ok i’m a(female) poolee about to ship out to parris island soon. at MEPS they didn’t give us a pap smear, but i heard they do at boot question is are you required to get a pap smear at boot camp? or can you skip it because i’m a virgin and i really don’t want to get a pap smear until i lose my virginity. also i’m not good with pain and i know it will hurt
Do the Meps doctors ask you when your last papsmear was?
Q: I have a meps appointment coming up and I heard to say no to everything. I am a female who is 24 years old and should be having papsmears annually, and I Have been, but I am afraid to say yes that I have ever had a pap smear because I am afraid they may ask when, and which doctor, etc. At the same time, I feel like if I lie and say I have never had a pap, they will think its ridiculous. I have had an abnormal pap, but it wasn’t a big deal because the doc said to take vitamins and it would be fine. I know that some people are going to say to be honest and let them know but I heard that is an automatic Disqualification that I don’t want to risk. So my question is for all the females who have went through meps, do the doctors ask if you have had a papsmear, and if you replied yes did you have to give them the info on where you had it? I know that they ask if you’ve had abnormal paps, which I’d reply no to, but if they ask when my last pap was I don’t want to have to give out info.
A: yes they ask you don’t lie tell them you did the only thing they are going to ask you is when was the last one you had. and that’s it.just tell them the date you had your last one. don’t be scare because they will be able to tell. because you still have to open up your legs so they can look inside. All the women have to do this they just check to see if your vagina looks normal.
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